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Great Day! Homeland Security May be Excluded from Trough, reprieve Harassment of Citizens

Donkey and Elephant flag carriers are jockeying in Washington over immigration and it may shut down Fatherland Fantasy Game and Homeland Termite Security Asses (TSA). What a great day for less airport harassment!
Obvious from flying that these TSA thugs don't screen myriad weapons from commercial planes. I've inadvertently brought several items aboard that on paper were restricted. A 91 years old relative inadvertently brought a loaded WWII 45 automatic on a trip from San Francisco to Salt Lake.

Seven cigarette lighters can be brought on board per passenger, courtesy of the tobacco lobby. If the bored TSA don't really stop hijackings, what are they for?

Obviously to keep population cowed and feeling powerless... and maybe to give false impression of safety, despite U.S. military sending drones killing people, often women and children, around the world. You kill other people's children enough, maybe you shouldn't be feeling so secure.

Think of all the social good that could be done in United States and around the world if the wasted "security" billions were put to good use.

less airport harassment! 24.Feb.2015 13:10


no, not going to happen.

The government never shuts down. The MSM runs around with its hair is on fire claiming its shutdown, but the government never shuts down.

TSA is considered essential and therefore are not allowed to go home due to lack of a paycheck. so they will be their bright and early to check your junk.

To be honest the Democrats want illegals to vote and not to work. The GOP wants them to work and not to vote, which is why we have millions here already and millions more to show up the as soon as the current crowd is legalized to work, and vote and will be allowed to move up the economic ladder creating avoid at the bottom that must be filled by more illegals. Dat be da plan hommies..

TROLL ALERT 24.Feb.2015 13:22


More lies [and RIGHT WING] Opinions by Dick Cheney's lackey.

"To be honest the Democrats want illegals to vote and not to work".

What a smear to news gathering & reporting.

not work 24.Feb.2015 13:55


Ok, when was the last time you say a democrat politician hop up in from the an AFL-CIO convention and say "We want to bring these millions of undocumented people out of the shadows and give them good paying union jobs, like yours!"

Hah! they would be run out of the convention center on a rail.

It Merely Subsidizes The Airlines 24.Feb.2015 14:17


Each newly hired "Transportation Security Officer" costs $38,000 a year (on average). The TSA has an annual budget of 7.39 billion a year (in 2014).

The airlines have the option to hire their own screeners, etc., but they just let the U.S. Government do that.

In other words, the government is directly subsidizing the airlines.

blues 24.Feb.2015 14:24


I thought you claimed you ran a company or something??? you don't seem to know the costs of having employees..

How does it cost $38K per employee, when the employee's salary is $38K. The normal rule of thumb is 3x the salary. Health Care, Pensions (we taxpayers get the privilege of paying into their pension system.) Matching FICA (or the fed equivalent if they don't pay into SS), sick time, liability insurance on those employees for (disabilities, law suits , sexual harassment) Doubt the government pays that but the private sector does.

I would say the cost is closer to $100K per employee per annum than $38K.

We All Know That 24.Feb.2015 14:46


We all know that. I only was counting the base salary, since I figured people could figure out the cost of bennies for themselves. I have found that (at scale) the bennies plus overhead cost somewhat less that the base salary (maybe 60%). But for the government it's probably 100% more. See:

I don't just make stuff up (except in snark).

We all would probably assume that there are at most 7% of jobs that are "good union jobs." Maybe another 10% are "crappy union jobs."

Why do you bother coming here with all this crazy (feigned?) ignorance? Most normal people are either followers or equalists. Not company whores.

blues 24.Feb.2015 15:26


oh, I see, is that what you were doing. We never would have guessed.

U.S. Air Traffic Controllers 24.Feb.2015 15:51


2012 Median Pay: $122,530 per year (base salary).

"The majority of controllers worked for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)."

 link to www.bls.gov

U.S. Gov. pays for that too.

Walmart greeters subsidize airlines.

I'll bet the airports pay not one red cent in property taxes (but perhaps some token little fee).

And yeah it was kind of like a casino, now that recall. I had to know certain people.

Life revolves around luck. But you never beat the percentages. Why add ugly thoughts to the delicate stew in your head?

blues ugh! 24.Feb.2015 16:04


most airports are not privately owned, they are owned by municipalities, such as a city.

Walmart greeters subsidize airlines.
US government employees subsidize Walmart when they shop there.
US and International travelers fund in part those airports with taxes and fees when they use them.

You didn't build that! Walmart Greeters did!

No, not luck, not like a casino, again as with the explanation of the psychologist in the 911 debunking video,
people like you tend to blame their own problems on others.

Blues, its becoming apparent you really don't understand how anything works. From our free market society down to those urine soaked radios you claimed to have fished out of toilets.

I'm sorry you are like this. Really I wish I could help turn you in to a productive member of society instead of one that just makes up issues with it.

I'll bet the airports pay not one red cent in property taxes 24.Feb.2015 16:10


they pay the same amount as the Washington monument, Yellowstone national park, and 1600 Pennsylvania ave. does...

publicly owned entities don't pay property taxes...

your embarrassing yourself blues.. quit.. I have a stomach ache from laughing..

Certainly No Subtle Understanding Here 24.Feb.2015 16:39


You didn't even read me right.

I didn't pull cops two-way radios out of toilets. I fixed radios that were some way or other stupidly dropped in water. Let me offer you some rare information.

If you drop a piece of electronics into any water, INSTANTLY remove the batteries, lest "electrolytic action" begin to eat away the circuits. Then quickly wash the circuit board with "distilled water". (Actually the so-called "distilled water you get at the drug store is not even really distilled, only 90% reverse osmosis water.) Even pure distilled water is far from "pure." Pure water is not at all water as we know it. It is used as a super-solvent in the semiconductor industry. Drink three glasses of it, and it will leach so much of the mineral content of your blood that you will die.

Then dry it with a hair dryer and let it sit for a week. That's the typical engineering cure.

Don't just spew up your darkness. Offer something. Real information maybe.