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Confronting Climate Change Tuesday, Feb 24, 2015 - 6:00pm - 7:45pm

Growth-oriented capitalism has ceased to function rationally. [We need] To ward off our own self-destruction. How do we come together to we create a big enough voice to affect the kinds of changes we really can't do without? This will be the topic of our next "Confronting Climate Change" discussion on Tuesday, February 24th. @ Central Library
Dear Fellow Community Organizers,

A few years ago, many of us came together at Portland's First Unitarian Church to call for a "People's Budget." Our idea was to combine our voices into a unified whole in order to make ourselves heard. That event is documented on our People's Budget Project wiki here:

Since that time, with a great deal of hard work, we've made important advances including winning paid sick leave in Portland, and calls for a $15 per hour minimum wage from city and (Multnomah) county officials.

In the bigger picture, however, working people and our communities are still losing ground. Affordable housing is scarce or non-existent. Our paychecks fail to keep up with rising costs. Most seriously of all ongoing climate destabilization threatens to undo even our most modest gains.

Growth-oriented capitalism has ceased to function rationally. This was made abundantly clear in the 2008 financial meltdown. Additionally, our energy squandering, hyper-consumerist culture is quickly transforming our planet from a livable world to an overheated toxic waste dump.

To ward off our own self-destruction, whole industries must wither and die; the fossil fuels industry is the most obvious example. We must also rid ourselves our culture's hyper-consumerism.

But working people still need to make a living. This is why we must fight for a new economic paradigm that provides full and meaningful employment to people working to build healthy communities on a living planet.

So how do we do that? How do we come together to we create a big enough voice to affect the kinds of changes we really can't do without? This will be the topic of our next "Confronting Climate Change" discussion on Tuesday, February 24th.

You are invited to participate. I hope to see you there.

What: Confronting Climate Change
When: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 6:00pm - 7:45pm
Place: Central Library Downtown Portland
Address: 801 SW 10th Ave. (U.S. Bank Room - Main Floor)
RSVP:  https://www.facebook.com/events/393922354112551/

With warm regards,

David Myers
Organized Power
 united@organizedpower.org Twitter: @orgpower
[re-posted on PIMC] 2.23.15

Growth-oriented capitalism has ceased to function rationally? 23.Feb.2015 20:10


Growth-oriented capitalism functions as it always has. The premise of your statement is nonsense.

there is no ongoing climate destabilization. the numbers fed into the computer models were skewed by 1 degree Celsius at many control sites in a dishonest attempt to push a political agenda, not a scientific one. This has been reported and verifed recently in many newspapers and is widely available for anybody with any intellectual curiosity.

transforming our planet from a livable world to an overheated toxic waste dump? The those faulty computer models said so , but the reality from what they predicted.

Reality sets in where corrupted data ends.

Garbage in - Garbage out.

This is good news, the planet is not cooking. You should be happy! Rejoice!

" reported and verifed recently " 23.Feb.2015 21:59



rofl 24.Feb.2015 05:09

UK Telegraph article.

The scandal of fiddled global warming data
The US has actually been cooling since the Thirties, the hottest decade on record

RE " UK Telegraph " 24.Feb.2015 05:30


UK Telegraph newspaper article, has 100% debunked the published research efforts of hundreds of thousands of scientists from hundreds of countries around the globe, billions of points of field measurement data, etc.

Got it.


" verifed [sic] recently " 24.Feb.2015 05:31



rofl lol

However (maybe we also need to consider) 24.Feb.2015 05:59

Mike Novack

Caused by "growth oriented capitalism".

Well in societies organized on a capitalist basis, whatever happens will be happening for some capitalist reason. So in THAT sense the statement is true. But unfortunately it suggests a way forward that may not exist.

In non-capitalist societies, whatever happens will be happening for other than capitalist reasons. Now I may not be able to spell out for you what those reasons might be, but we can look at what is happening. And if we look, we see in socialist and communist societies the same problems with pollution, over dependence on what is not sustainable, etc.

So I have to conclude that it's our industrial civilization, our out of control growth of population, and an inability to consider consequences farther into the future than the next few years. Capitalist of non-capitalist doesn't seem to matter all that much.

Look, I am NOT accusing anybody of dishonesty (using "save the environment" to build support for "end capitalism") because I think it's an honest (quasi-religious) faith that if we end the evils of capitalism we solve all our problems. But sorry, it is a pie in the sky faith. Our problem is far deeper than capitalism vs socialism. And PLEASE, do NOT misinterpret what I am saying as being in support of capitalism. There are plenty of evils that eliminating capitalism would solve. But its NOT sufficient for preventing ecological collapse. Doesn't address the root causes.

Lots Of Misguided Information Here 24.Feb.2015 06:07


I think that words like "capitalism" are so shopworn, so "semantically bleached" as to be well nigh useless. Maybe we could say that our kleptocracy has collapsed. There is no "recovery", and probably 25% of American would-be workers are unemployed or close to it. Due mainly to "free trade" with oppressed nations, and to some extent, automation. Any day now, maybe tomorrow, maybe two years up the road, the U.S. and Europe will collapse into their own economic footprints, and a Zombie Apocalypse will commence. All the independent experts who are very smart agree on this. This is a horrific reality, which I probably will not personally survive. Actually, Russia and China (I would much prefer to live in Russia) will suffer greatly, but probably not collapse. Which could lead to even worse problems. Sorry to bring this bad news, but that is just the beginning.

I am not worried about global warming, as it doesn't seem to be getting warmer. Most likely some scientists just fudged the recorded thermal figures, since they fumble facts 50% of the time, probably out of habit. Peak oil seems a bit further in the future. However, we are rapidly draining the global aquifers of fresh water that saturate much of the earth's crust very quickly. This will turn most of California into a complete desert, and we will then have about 33 million refugees (10% of the U.S. population) marching away to "somewhere". And no more California agriculture. Also this is causing a drastic rise in sea level, so places like N.Y.C, L.A., all coastal cities (all over the world), will sink, and this will be a bit of a problem as well.

So yeah, we have some problems. Sorry to sound like such a doomer, but reality needs to be dealt with. Maybe if everyone moves to West Virginia they can clean up that politically corrupt hellhole.

Good Luck 24.Feb.2015 06:23

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

Good Luck confronting climate change. We are now headed to 500 parts per billion carbon in the atmosphere. Another ice age is coming in our lifetimes. Just like the government ignores the almost total contamination of America by Fukushima causing wide spread premature deaths, they are definitely not ever going tell you that they are now tracking the coming ice age and preparing for. I wonder what their plan for 60 or so nuclear power plants in the eastern US that get buried in the ice sheet. All of those reactors will explode and meltdown most likely destroying all life on the planet just as Fukushima is wiping out all life in the Pacific ocean.

Lloyd 24.Feb.2015 07:34


We are now headed to 500 parts per billion carbon?

500 x 0 is still zero.

If the atmosphere were 30 feet tall, C02 at the year 1900 (200 parts per billion) is the width of a human head hair in that 30 feet total. 500 parts per billion is the width of a human pubic hair. 500 parts per billion just sounds scary to people who can't or wont' do the calculations.

The math doesn't lie.

capitalism 24.Feb.2015 07:37


one needs look no farther than the radioactive cesspool that was the USSR's dumping ground offshore for its Red Banner Northern Fleet Nuclear program out of Murmansk during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s to see what sort of environmentally friend green polices await a non capitalist system.