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Portland's First Renters Assembl;y

Ani and Lyn talk w/ Tori Abernathy and Nick Caleb about the upcoming Portland Renters Assembly
We are pleased to have The First Portland Renters' Assembly organizer, art worker and activist Tori Abernathy, plus Nick Caleb, former city council candidate, professor of government and speaker at this event. Check details of this event out at FB  https://www.facebook.com/events/396693767159054/\\\\\\\?ref=ts&fref=ts
[ http://tiny.cc/wycfux Tiny URL link to FB page]
Listen and join the discussion on KBOO, Friday morning 8-9 AM

The Portland Renters' Assembly is a gathering of people united by the burden of rent. The housing struggle in Portland, much like activism of our time at large, often operates in a state of emergency. There is a need to stand behind those facing foreclosure, eviction, renoviction, homelessness, and rents rising well beyond livability. It is time for these concerns to stand in solidarity with the basic injustice underlying the concept of 'rent' itself. Come and share your experience as a renter or with rent-related issues, learn about the history of rent and tenant struggles, and share resources for moving forward together.

We just know listeners, that you've got stories and questions for our guests! Call in at 503-321-8187.


Housing as a Human Right by Arnold Kunzli, emeritus Swiss professor, in 2003



Portland's First Renters Assembly
232 SE Oak St - February 24, 2015 7PM to February 26, 2015 10PM

homepage: homepage: http://www.opportunityvillageeugene.org
address: address: www.occupymadisoninc.com

worst landlord in the city 20.Feb.2015 05:22


Brad Malsin of Beam Development. The city gives him lucrative contracts, including the development of the east side of the Burnside bridge. But he's a SLUMLORD who abuses tenants. Has left tenants without heat or water, has left tenants swilling in mold,made workers chip at asbestos with a hammer and NO PROTECTION and then moved tenants into asbestos -filled building. He hates his own tenants so much that he hired men with GUNS to police them during a war over illegal rent hikes. WORST SLUM LORD IN PORTLAND.

Portland needs guaranteed income and free rent 20.Feb.2015 08:05


Corporations make billions from selling us expensive processed foods and forcing people to pay outrageous rent. The tax structure needs to change to help the poorest get basic monthly money and free or reduced rent.

Picture 21.Feb.2015 15:00


Picture from the facebook page is here