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Let's Make It Free And Legal To Lie To Lying Cops And "Officials"

They made it a "felony" to ever lie to them. But: They work for us! We pay them!
Use simple score voting to elect representatives who will make cops who lie to "subjects" go directly to jail.

Why should it be illegal for us to lie to these cops and officials? WE PAY THEM!!!

Send the lying politicians to 30 years solitary confinement. Why not?

They never stopped one single nasty crime that was committed against anyone I know. They were "too busy"!

(1st Amendment Free speech If you believe in G. W. Bush's "piece of paper".)

There's already an unofficial a no snitch policy 19.Feb.2015 20:26


In Portland people get shot with guns. Sometimes, eyewitnesses to those shootings would rather employ the "no snitch"
policy than see the person who killed their cousin be arrested - unfortunately this is the code many follow which cause police to ask more questions and if necessary, lie to find out the truth.

There's no need to lie, just don't say anything.

Why Do We Pay These Thugs $100,000 A Year To Lie? 20.Feb.2015 01:30


Why should we give cops and politicians carte blanche authority to lie to us all the time? Are we nuts? We pay them; we should be allowed to lie to them. Not the other way around.

If somebody shoots your cousin? It's going to be done by a cop. And there will be no questions.

This was never about "justice." It was always about power.

Give the lying officials 30 years in solitary. See how they like their "justice."

America is now more NAZI than Germany ever was. But the politicians simply lie about that too.

Blues, who is we? 20.Feb.2015 06:56


based on what you have posted here, I seriously doubt you pay anything that funds any sort of government. you sir are one of the faker-takers of tax dollars.

Try To Think Straight, Please 20.Feb.2015 10:03


The argument here does not actually hinge on who gets paid what by whom (although the police and officials are paid much too much). At one time I used to fix police radios, which they would always be dropping into toilets. To do such component level repairs takes years of study, and a lot of common sense. Some of the cops were smart, but a lot of them couldn't keep their walkie-talkies out of toilet bowls if their lives depended on it. But they still made a lot more than I did.

Too bad you can't set aside the peripheral argument about who pays what. My major point is that if police and officials were not (officially) allowed to lie to the public whilst the people enjoyed free speech and so could lie to them, this would improve the informatic equity balance. Then the balance of powers would become more sane and reasonable.

blues 20.Feb.2015 10:30


And so now you live in a small wooden shack and work on your component level board designs?

ted Kaczynski anyone?

Have the authorities ben made aware of this?

Oh, that's right, they have now. PIMC may not store IP addresses, but somebody sure does...

Still Can't Think Straight, Huh? 20.Feb.2015 10:56


Since my retirement, I have pursued my hobby of advanced multi-order logic and bio-mathematics. You actually believe I live in a small wooden shack? Must be a cop of the dumber variety. They don't go by my IP address maybe a MAC address, or something like that.

Why would they bother me? All they have to do is wait for my next publications.

But you have to threaten me? Watch out. You will end up being the one to pay the price.

blues 20.Feb.2015 14:31


not a cop, but also didn't make a career fishing radios out of toilets either.

glad to hear you are keeping busy and was unaware (and still am unaware of ) mac addresses are part of standard TCP/IP protocol data packets.

you were the one who claimed you lived in a small hut, or someone claiming to be blues on here just the other day. perhaps that blues is the one living like Ted. One of you is deranged for sure.