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Rudy Loves America Soooo Much He Helped Kill Over 3,000 on 911

This isn't just hypocrisy- This is true pathology on a Hitlerian scale
Giuliani Likes To Rise Early
Giuliani Likes To Rise Early
Any college freshman worth his smart phone knows Rudolph Giuliani was part and parcel of the conspiracy that planned and executed the attacks of 911. He not only brokered the sale of all the scrap metal debris from Ground Zero to the Chinese (thus immediately destroying all real physical evidence) but he presided over the very state of mourning and grief that was overwhelming NYC and the nation itself. "America's Mayor". 911 was the USA's "Reichstad Fire" in every respect. A staged attack on the very symbols of Democracy and Capitalistic Free Enterprise: The Parliament building in Hitler's plot, and the Twin Towers and Pentagon itself in Bush/Cheney's conspiracy. Instant patsies were identified and demonized and dispatched in record time in both cases. Judge by Deeds, not words. Rudy instituted NYC's "Stop and frisk" laws that targeted minorities almost exclusively, and made petty infractions like jaywalking major crimes with huge fines and serious jail time in Manhattan's notorious Riker's Island, the Guantanamo of NYC. 'Ol lovable Rudy. There he was on SNL, smiling that cobra grin like Nosferatu on crack. During Ferguson he was a one man band on CNN and FOX, playing the same song over and over, the one about how Blacks mostly victimize other Blacks, his point being White people are really innocent of any racist tendencies in the long run and Blacks have only themselves to blame. By their fruits you shall know them. Calling Obama un-American is his clarion call for all the racist and fascist minded to join together in a campaign of hatred toward the only non-white U.S. President you will probably ever see in history. Rudy was born too late. He would have excelled as one of Il Duce's henchmaen/advisors. A born Fascisti who made his bones locking up Mafiosi for the crime of being born in a Mafia Family in the first place. Original Sin- One strike and you're out. 911 researchers should really pour it on concerning Rudy's role in those traitorous attacks before they try and run his totalitarian butt for Vice-President or something even worse.

sick 19.Feb.2015 22:16


This rambling collection of lunatic paranoia is Indymedia classic.

This I Exactly Why I Live In A Little Wooden Shack In The Woods 20.Feb.2015 02:31


Everybody knows that small office fires can easily melt "structural steel," causing those "huge skyscrapers" to instantly collapse. That's why I stay out of those monstrous traps.

Flee the fake "steel" cities. Live in a wooden shack in the woods. Why risk your life for nothing?

anon 20.Feb.2015 06:47



what you may have missed was the Rudy insulted their Man-child ISIS apologist pResident this week, and therefore he must be blamed for 911.

This accounts for a fuel laden wide body jumbo jet plowing into 1,500,000 ton 1300 foot tall building at 500 MPH and the resulting damage being called a "small office fire". twice..

Its the end of the month, and Rat and Blues await their government siphon of meds.

So Rudy was responsible for a small office fire?

building 7 moron 20.Feb.2015 11:17


WTC Building 7 No jet ever hit it you idiot

Ever heard of WTC7? 20.Feb.2015 11:18

Jody Paulson

That was never hit by a plane. Nearly 50 stories tall, collapsed completely into its own footprint at near free-fall speed. Everyone forgets about that one. But you should look up who had offices there:
U.S. Secret Service
Securities & Exchange Commission
Mayor's Office of Emergency Mgmt

WTC7 20.Feb.2015 14:35


WTC7 was not hit by a plane because I guess the hologram plane generator went on the blink after the first two holograms hit he twin towers.

No, WTC7 was hit by pieces of plane, fuel and burning the debris and those who would have put out those fires had just died in the twin towers.

Boy, Rudy was quite the arsonist that day. Starting small office fires all over town from his command center, while on live TV... Neat trick!

Nineteen Saudi Arabians Outfoxed NORAD Totally... 20.Feb.2015 17:15


... And destroyed New York City With box cutters.

Anything must indeed be possible...

pap 20.Feb.2015 17:37


When you have no basis on which to form an argument, line of thought or reasoning -

(not to mention no answer whatsoever for serious and rational questions)

attack the messenger / create a strawman

RE [quote]:
" hit by pieces of plane, fuel and burning the [sic]debris "

You're going to have to work a lot harder than that, "pap" to earn your Troll Pay for the week.

NIST itself does not explain the collapse of WTC 7 as being caused by any of those factors.

Rather -- as with the case of the large WTC towers 1 and 2 -- it chose to 'conform' its explanation for the straight-down, near free fall velocity, into-their-own-footprint collapses of __all three__ of these huge steel frame skyscrapers as

"office fires"

which (according to NIST) weakened the structural frames of each of the three buildings so much, as to cause such free fall velocity, vertical into-own-footprint collapses.

The only such collapses to have occurred from such purported (in the explanation of U.S. government's NIST anyway) causes in the entire history of steel framed skyscraper design building technology.

never before or after 11 September 2001 have steel framed skyscrapers collapsed in such a manner (without being subject to controlled demolition).

Furthermore, even though

"office fires"

were cited by NIST as the cause of collapse for two of the tallest buildings ever constructed by human beings, along with one of its hundreds-of-feet-tall siblings, on 11 September 2001,

No design specifications, regulations, structural codes, or any other laws/codes pertaining to the design or construction of steel frame high rise skyscraper buildings were changed whatsoever, in any city/state/country anywhere on planet Earth.

Seems that such events (3 buildings collapsing in identical manners), as caused by "office fires" in the esteemed evaluation and opinion of none other than U.S. government's NIST should have brought many watershed changes, revisions and alterations in design and building codes, globally -

but no.

blues 20.Feb.2015 18:35


oh fuck we actually agree on something for once. Yes, I'm scared too.

smear 20.Feb.2015 18:38


no need. even the most leftist kooks in the House of Representatives leave skid marks running away from you WTC 7 clowns and your goofy theories. Nobody buys it. its over. you lost.

However I do love to encourage the behavior, so please continue. its quite entertaining to see how twisted the human brain can get before blacking out...

like clockwork baby, like fuckin clockwork! 20.Feb.2015 18:42


because everything humans do is perfect!


more clockwork 20.Feb.2015 18:50


this is really funny. I guess we did it right on WTC7 huh..


RE: " Nobody buys it " 20.Feb.2015 19:15


even the most leftist kooks in the House of Representatives leave skid marks running away from you WTC 7 clowns and your goofy theories. its over. you lost.

As many as "rightist kooks in the House of Representatives" -- more than 1 out of 2, at last statistical inventory -- who deny the overwhelming global scientific evidence on anthropogenic/industrial climate change?

It's over. You lost.

As to the "WTC 7 clowns" - it's a fact that Building 7's collapse and the U.S. government's NIST agency belated (by 7 years at least) 'explanation' for it is indeed the biggest scientific and engineering smoking gun concerning the events of 11 September 2001.

Just that for the moment, most internet forums and comment threads (in unmoderated circumstances) are filled with irrelevant and ignorant bile, denial, and government propagandists such. (The corporate owned mass media and U.S. government 'elected' reps i.e. House, Senate etc. were programmed in from the beginning, having passed USA Patriot without even reading/evaluating it so soon after 11 September... Anthrax attacks soon followed to bring any media/gov't "naysayers" closer in line)

Anyway it's a measure of Building 7's outstanding anomaly that you, Government Troll, would go ahead and inject the disinformationalist derisive specificity of "WTC 7 clowns",

in order to head off what is perhaps the most standout illogical and improbable event of that entire day's anomalies, which furthermore took the U.S. government (namely NIST) the better part of a decade to "explain away".

Also helps that WTC 7 was not covered by the "official 9/11 commission" and still all these years later many Americans are not even aware that a 3rd skyscraper collapsed into its own footprint at free fall velocity that same day (and wasn't even struck by an aircraft).

But we digress.

However I do love to encourage the behavior,

Yeah well since 3 of your Troll Buddies followed your most recent post to this thread it figures natch.

so please continue.

You are indeed free to continue babbling and regurgitating the U.S. government's official explanation for what occurred on 11 September 2001, for as long as you breathe air.

its quite entertaining to see how twisted the human brain can get before blacking out...

Not half as fun as watching the likes of you remain ensconced in the warm, 'safe', secure blackout of U.S. government propaganda brainwashing.

It's utterly funny, laughable knowing that you'll go to your grave / buy the farm precisely in this way.

RE: Demolition videos / "guess we did it right on WTC7 huh.. " 20.Feb.2015 19:45


Yeah thanks for posting those vids, you proved the point that U.S. goverment lied even more indubitably ...

As would any footage of a controlled demolition, 'failed' or exactly-by-the-book.

(BTW your first video repeats/loops itself entirely for the second half of its 3 minutes)

Also a bunch of footage of "demolitions" in your YT vids were simply of 2-4 story high reinforced concrete buildings, which are far different from steel frame skyscrapers in size, design, structural behavior, materials etc. -- and these were being demolished externally using excavators/wrecking machinery (not by internally placed explosive charges)

So those film clips/footages of smaller reinforced concrete buildings being brought down from external equipment are 100% irrelevant to the building collapses, circumstances and conditions on 11 September 2001 in New York City.

Anyway as we all well know -
(except persons who by some miracle haven't seen any footage at all of the 11 September 2001 WTC tower collapses)

the buildings each fell symmetrically into their own footprints within several seconds (7 in the case of Building 7, under 10 in the case of WTCs 1 and 2).

They did not "fall over" , start leaning (except for the South Tower ever so slightly for a fraction of its way vertically down), or slow down in their headlong journey to their own footprints.

Architecturally both of the main WTC towers were designed to withstand impact from an airliner traveling at 600 mph.

Go watch those videos again: the ones which show the towers for 10 to 20 seconds right after each aircraft impact.

They stayed up just as designed. Swayed slightly, as seen from the footage. But they stayed vertical and intact just as their architects and structural engineers intended.

As we also know, the only time that -- by official-technical explanation -- "office fires" in a steel frame skyscraper have caused such collapses is in the case of just those 3 buildings, that day.

Never, ever or anywhere else in the history of architecture, structural engineering or skyscraper construction.

Anyway the more controlled demolition/building collapse videos one watches, the more understanding one gleans of what actually did occur on 11 September 2001 in New York City.

so go right ahead, watch more controlled demo collapse vids.

Do Not Buy A Steel Oven 20.Feb.2015 20:00


They melt like butter.

Live in a wooden shack in the woods.

Wood does not melt instantly like "structural steel."

I'm really pissed at myself 21.Feb.2015 06:59


Well, not really because I have scruples and love my country.

But if I didn't, the next national tragedy I would write a book about how Neocons created the entire mess. Earthquake, whatever it is, I could cook something up, and as Hitler said, the more outrageous the more people will believe it, I'm sure it would work.

There are so many self haters out there who are ready to believe anything bad, that I could be kicking it on a beach in the south of France on the profits like the douchebag author who came up with this entire 9-11 tale.

The best part is I would be fleecing the fools of their $$$.

Crock / crack pots and French douchebag authors 21.Feb.2015 07:38

latest pap smear

Yeah so (in response to your last 2 spews) the French author did not

"come up with this entire 9-11 tale"

First of all, the "9-11 tale" is the official explanation by the U.S. government.

Which is full of holes, illogic, vast improbability, sheer incredulity, and violations of basic physical laws.

As well, that French author's book was full of holes particularly with regard to the hole in the Pentagon:

His book is the origin of a deliberate CIA 'poison the well' op to dilute and divert skepticism on the U.S. government's official explanation with wild speculation about a "missile" strike on the building in place of the actual Boeing 757 airliner which did hit.

This 'poison the well' (look up that term with CIA / spying) operation functioned quite well, as the "No Plane At Pentagon" meme has featured prominently in many better-known 9/11 films, books, web sites and research since the appearance of the French author's book.

So (in a roundabout way, yes) it's fitting that you would bring up the French author,

because being a douchebag government Troll yourself you would have better knowledge of the motivations behind someone making up outlandish stories about what happened, in order to disinform/confuse/distract/discredit, as opposed to diligently investigating to determine what actually did occur.

Next, your inference that "writing books to make $$$" is the entire motivation / end goal for any single person who questions 9/11 is laughable.

Much of the doubt and skepticism during September - December 2001, which spread worldwide concerning the exact nature and circumstances of the 9/11 attacks was via the internet.

Independent (non-corporate/nonprofit) web sites and reporting.

No "$$$" involved.

(Furthermore, book publishing in the internet age is most certainly no way to make any kind of living, let alone even paltry supplemental income)

Anyway the old canard "they're selling books on 9/11 to make a buck" is beyond ridiculous and 100% baseless fantasy.

The real buck-makers for mere/random example are biographers of Chris Kyle (enlisted right after 9/11, "had scruples and loved his country") and his acolytes such as filmmaker Clint Eastwood; if you're going down the "Who's Making Money Off 9/11" route.

btw keep posting "pap" it works jess fine.

97 percent of scientists believe the 9-11 report 21.Feb.2015 08:08


so it must be true.

" the 9-11 report " 21.Feb.2015 08:22


and which "report" is that you refer to ?

The truth can be a scary thing to face 21.Feb.2015 09:38


do you have what it takes to face it.

Rat, blues they mention you in this too. A PhD says that people who believe in conspiracies tend feel they externalize their own failures and blame others and they feel a loss of control in their own lives. Lots on WTC #7 too. But you have to watch all 7 parts to find it! (its part of a conspiracy.)


" you have to watch all 7 parts to find it " 21.Feb.2015 15:15


Hey government Troll, please take yr spam elsewhere

(also, all 4 existing comments below the WTC 7 article video  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2015/02/429214.shtml are same person/you)

Hopefully PDX IMC workerbees could come scrub out these threads of the bandwidth-wasting dreck

lol 21.Feb.2015 16:28


Bandwidth wasting? How is the truth bandwidth wasting?

I never new about the other WTC buildings 6 and so.

Seems the WTC7 theory is the last attempt to slip the surly bonds of reality to touch the face of Bullshit.

Whatever comforts you i guess.