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The Shortwave Report - Listen Globally - on a Radio for once!

if the government uses the kill switch on the internet where will you turn?
Its been widely reported that the President of the US has the command authority to use a "kill switch" to disable internet, either totally or in part during a national emergency.

For years you have been getting shortwave radio shows via the web and not from the original source. A shortwave radio.

Cheap, solar powered, hand crank shortwave receivers are very much available and will be worth their weight in gold during an actually national emergency.

So during an emergency, when the kill switch has been activated, will you be one of the millions clicking away on the web only to find 404 errors?

Check ebay / craigslist for used ones.

long & short 19.Feb.2015 17:35

for example

ya mean like this one on e-bay

 link to www.ebay.com

Kaito KA600 Solar Crank NOAA Weather Radio with AM FM Shortwave - Black - Price:US $59.99

LW (longwave): 150 - 521 KHz
SW (shortwave): 2,300-23,000 KHz

One problem 22.Feb.2015 19:40

Toe Tag

The reason people get content from international broadcasters over the Web these days is that most international broadcasters aren't on shortwave that much. The BBC stopped transmissions to North America years ago. More recently, so have Deutsche Welle, Radio Nederland, Voice of Russia, and Radio Australia last month.