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"Tinys Terminator." (Final Version)

My poem dedicated to my mentor, co-founder of POOR Magazine/P.N.N., and co-founder of R.L.A.P. (Revolutionary Legal Advocacy Project) "Tiny" Lisa Gray-Garcia. (Picture of Terminator wallpaper credited to hdw.ew.eb4.com)
.Poverty brought me EVEN to the front of S.F. City Hall, back in Da day.

."Care Not Cash/Trash" sins of the system's past

.Po-lice terror brought me into your life, to LITERALLY save the day! (For ME, and YOU, and YOU!)

."Serious skills you have (Marlon)in WRITING" she said

.Like Muteado Silencio, "My pen is my gun, my words are my bullets

.Laying ALL system injustices for ALL flatout DEAD!

.Racism, capitalism,classisms, gentricide, evictions, oppressions of gender and equality

.A fender bender to PEOPLE in POVERTY!


.Bypassing unfired bullets by bullshitting po-lice officers from their unfired guns

.Is how I (internally)bled

.Handcuffed faced first on my bed is the ONLY tears I shed! (within)

.Birth of Mad Man Marlon Mankind cometh!

.Sitting silently, quietly (like a comet), and non-violently, even as I publicly speak!

.The (pre)judicial "system" BACK THEN, sees that I'm NO LONGER WEAK!

.Turning tragedy into triumph, a Kriss Kross jump for Marlon Crump to take a dump, into the injustice system's war machine on the poor's gasoline pump!

.Maintaining my own well-being, obligating myself to "The Man" through five fiery years of systematic therapy,


.Educating, advocating, teaching, (even performing via Hotel Voices)the youth, the incarcerated, harassed, and harmed (even police officers) to REALLY HEAL IN HARMONY!

.R.L.A.P. RE-UNITED, PEOPLE UNDIVIDED,in poverty, people of (conscious) privilege..........

The Revolutionary Legal Scholar RISES!!!!!!! Even WITHIN!!!!

Mad Man Marlon sees that the said above fits ALL: Shoes, shirts, shits, in ALL sizes.!!!!!