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Jesus Lineage

The begats
"Why did God bother to include all those boring begats in the Bible?
I had a fellow write me one time who asked, "Why did God bother to include all those boring begats in the Bible?" He was referring, of course, to the lengthy genealogies of Jesus that are recorded in Matthew 1 and Luke 3. In Matthew's version, the litany begins with the words, "Abraham begat Isaac..." (Matthew 1:2).
The begats are very important, and they are anything but boring, if they are studied carefully. Their importance lies in the fact that they substantiate that Jesus' lineage fulfilled the prophecies that the Messiah would be descended from Abraham."

Jesus isn't related to Joseph. It was immaculate conception. Jesus is related directly to God. Jesus isn't the Messiah."

hollyweird made a movie about it. 14.Feb.2015 19:53


with matt damon, and his boyfriend, and chris rock.

Just a suggestion 15.Feb.2015 08:10

Mike Novack

Perhaps you might want to review WHO was immaculately conceived. Also what the term means as well as what it doesn't.

The Who? 15.Feb.2015 21:16

Woodsy Owl

Roger Daltry was immaculately conceived?

WHO 15.Feb.2015 21:20


The World Heath Organization? Well of course it was, it was conceived by government, and we all know government is god..

I 16.Feb.2015 05:16


conceive you i.

oh boy.. 16.Feb.2015 06:51


The world is a very different now...and yet the same
revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought
are still at issue around the globe--the belief that
the rights of man come not from the generosity of the
state but from the hand of God.

--John F. Kennedy

who cares 17.Feb.2015 09:15


I don't believe in god, so who cares? OK, the only interesting part of the bible is the Genesis story, where we can see the story of how humanity moved away from living sustainable hunter gatherer lives and into an exploitive destructive system based on slavery and an endlessly expanding population base (be fruitful and multiply), after that the bible simply exists as a rationalization and blueprint for this evil unsustainable system to continue. That's what Christianity/Religion has "begat".

And now 17.Feb.2015 17:33

the full Monty

Don't just stand there gawpin. As if you've never seen the 'and of God bbefore. We've got to go marchin' hup and down the field.