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Volunteer Opportunity: Become a PFTP Ambassador!

Join Portland Fruit Tree Project in preventing waste, building community, and making fresh fruit available to neighbors in need...
If you believe that everyone should have equal access to healthful food, if you believe in the power of community, enjoy talking with people and want to help promote the work of Portland Fruit Tree Project, outreach events are a great way to volunteer!.

PFTP Ambassador Overview:
PFTP Ambassadors will play a vital role in connecting community members with Portland Fruit Tree Project. Ambassadors will help spread the word about PFTP's mission, programs, and ways to get involved. This will be done primarily through info booths at community events. Good communication skills and enthusiasm are essential to this position. This will be a great opportunity to meet new people, gain experience in community outreach, and help Portland Fruit Tree Project grow and thrive!

PFTP Ambassador Responsibilities:
Attend the 2015 Ambassador Orientation on Wednesday, March 25th from 6-7:30pm
If you are not able to attend, we may be able to make alternate arrangements.
Represent PFTP for at least 4 community outreach events this year
Attend one harvesting party at the beginning of the harvesting season (June-July)
Assist in set-up and take-down of PFTP tables and outreach materials at events
Assist in transport of materials to and from outreach events

To Apply:
Request an application by calling 503-284-6106, or send an email to  ximena@portlandfruit.org, with 'PFTP Ambassador Application Request' in the subject line. We'll send you an application right away! The application deadline is Saturday February 28th.

homepage: homepage: http://portlandfruit.org