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Video: 15 Now! rally and march in Salem 1.24.15

A rally with speeches and songs on the Capital steps.
A skit with 2 clowns: Wallie Walmart & Ronnie Mac D.
A march to nearby McDonald's for a protest call for 15 Hour, fair wages for the workers
Then into the streets for an unpermitted march to a nearby meeting / lunch area
The organizers, 15 Now Portland, protest income inequality and say they are dedicated to making Oregon the first state to enact a $15 minimum wage. Rally on the Capital steps Jan 24 at noon. 15 Now Portland is fighting to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour in the City of Portland. We are also helping to lead a coalition of almost 50 other 15 Now chapters, labor unions, and community organizations across the state that are dedicated to making Oregon the first state to enact a $15 minimum wage.

 http://tiny.cc/633wtx [Tiny URL] [1 hour 15 min YouTube Video]

Oregon Needs a Raise!
Rally at the Capitol Building

Saturday, Jan. 24, Noon—1 pm in Salem, OR

Bills for a $15 minimum wage are being introduced in the State House and Senate for the 2015 session. Low-wage workers, union members, faith and community allies — ALL OUT for $15 !

1 pm March to local low-wage employer

2pm-3pm Statewide 15 Now Gathering

at the nearby First Congregational Church, 700 Marion St NE Salem, OR

More Info:  http://www.15nowpdx.org/

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

Ronnie and Wallie 09.Feb.2015 19:17

skit from video

- 6 minute video out take -

15 Now! Salem Capital Rally with Ronnie and Wallie