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J'Accuse! France's New Dreyfus Affair

Please see video below
Manuel Valls Address to National Assembly JAN13-edited
Manuel Valls Address to National Assembly JAN13-edited
Divisive identity politics now in play in France, with official stigmatization of Muslims (Muslim pop. in France ca. 8 percent) and 116 attacks on Muslims or Mosques in just the 2 weeks following commando-style executions of journalists, citizens and suspects 5-7 January in Paris; the PM denigrating Muslims in a national address ['he said to me "I am ashamed to be Muslim...' ; 'We are proud to be French...' ] and French TV beginning to distinguish French from French Muslim...and even suggesting the possibility of deportation (Zemmour).

Should ring alarm bells.

Please see video attached.

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heres the video (hopefully)
video link
video link

here it is: 31.Jan.2015 16:38