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A Child Betrayed!

Deep poetry detail and description of the graphic and horrors of a child sex abuse. Dedicated to all survivors.

(Picture credit to www.creditimagesbuddy.com)
.Born to be played, and "laid."

.Demanding that she now get up.

.Innocence now robbed.

.Zipped up pants, door silently shut

.As she silently sob.

.Who produces life?

.Only to scar her mind life a knife!
.Laid down, slobbed on, touched
.As if you were his wife!
.Thinking long and hard,
.Barely even able to sleep!
.Sickened by sadistic satanic torture!
.Some even too deep for a silent weep!
.UH OH, NOW God sees this crime.......

"Your evil souls are now ALL MINE!"
(Satan Smiles)

The child is at least free within........to have SOME free peace of mind.