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Video: Plenitude: Reducing Working Hours

Unlike a chair, an idea can be shared by a whole people. Reducing working hours is the only way to full employment and averting the paper chase and resume heaven, the impossible status quo. The planet gets time off too. Sharing could develop into social capital as an alternative to barter and sale. This is a way to claim human scale, restore the public sector and reverse exploding commodification and inequality.
o watch the 5-minute video "Plenitude" from Juliet Schor, click on


Films For Action

This fun animation provides a vision of what a post-consumer society could look like, with people working fewer hours and pursuing re-skilling, homesteading, and small-scale enterprises that can help reduce the overall size and impact of the consumer economy.

Narrated by economist and best-selling author Juliet Schor ( http://www.julietschor.org/). Created by the Center for a New American Dream.

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Video: Opportunity Village Eugene, 5 min 21.Jan.2015 16:40

www.opportunityvillageeugene.org marc1seed@yahoo.com

A nice video on the village by MSNBC. What's it like living in a 6 X 10 home?
The City of Eugene gave the village a one-year lease. Largely self-governing, the villagers meet weekly.