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You Can't Drown A Turtle: Hypnosis, Mind Control And Object Oriented Programming

"The enemy might try to subvert the United States by dumping a few pounds of LSD into the water supply of major cities. The only way to prepare for such an event is to dose ourselves first."
"You Can't Drown A Turtle" OR "Even In The Water You'll Never Get Wet If You Keep On Doin' That Rag"

Ever since I was ~13 and learning C++ I've found OOPs fascinating. Then I did LSD and my interests shifted, but yet still remain and I've noticed some curious overlap; The mind control is an awful lot like computer coding. Xi Nao?

"The object-oriented approach encourages the programmer to place data where it is not directly accessible by the rest of the system. Instead, the data is accessed by calling specially written functions."

They can implant hypnotic programming 'layers' deep; in wrappers of your deepest fears & insecurities. It's really quite clever. Hypnosis has lots of little 'holes' or triggers to fall in that constantly reboot subroutines. Object Oriented Programming Subroutines.
#OOPS #2600

"What we really care about are the objects we want to manipulate. Examples of objects range from human beings... to computer widgets."

"Object orientation uses encapsulation and information hiding; it essentially merges abstract data types with structured programming."

Which is why most people in the USA are fucked (in the head). It's sad, but there isn't much to be done. A few have broken loose, usually 'the insane'. Those that simply don't, or no longer respond to the programming. To cure 'the insane' is to get them to respond again.

"Take these pills. Don't listen to yourself, listen to us. You're 'crazy', but we can fix you. Do as you're told."

Before Kennedy was shot there was a huge to-do about "Mental Health Reform"; bills were passed. CIA assassinated him &  http://youtu.be/bS3O5zg290k

Usually the pills actually just chemically lobotomize the escapees. "We have ways of making sure no one escapes. Even if they already have" and that's where it stands today folks. That is what public school is all about; building usable subroutines which can later be manipulated by those with the keys. #JohnTaylorGatto

Only a literal handful of people have all the keys, at the very tippy top. Layers, upon layers, upon layers: Child < School Teacher < Manager.

But if you are a hacker, there's always a backdoor. At least that's what my mom told me, coders always leave themselves one (entry points into the system that bypass security facilities and permit direct access to data.)

Clews: I'm still trying to find a way out. There is no way out of space, but there are ways in.

#KneeDeep #WhoShotTheWaterBuffalo #TerrapinStation

{In true (art) form: this piece was compiled using an object oriented methodology.}

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You actually can drown a turtle. I had a friend who had a turtle who flipped himself over by accident and drowned in a small bit of water. It isn't easy to drown a turtle, but sometimes they can drown themselves.