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The Hidden warming of climate change

Its there, you and I know it.
Science claims the earth has not warmed since 1998. thats 17 years of steady temperatures even though the amount of CO2 increases and is now 400 parts per million.
Thats .0004 percent compared with where we were in the 1700s with 200 parts per million or .0002 percent.

That means that if the earth's entire atmosphere were represented by the height of a 30 foot tall tree, then the amount of CO2 has grown from the thickness of a a human scalp hair in the 1700s to the present day thickness of a human pubic hair!!!

That warming has gone someplace. I can feel it, and so can you. You know it! Storms are getting worse. Over 1800 people died in Hurricane Katrina. Sure over 6,000 died in 1900 in Galveston, but that was because of no early warning. In Katrina it was because warnings were largely ignored do to the complacency caused by climate change and over dependence on a competent and coordinated government response.

What is the degree of involvement of the Koch brothers in suppressing the warming of the past 17 years??

there are many unanswered questions about the disappearance of the warmth that is clearly there. We need answers! NOW!

homepage: homepage: http:///wikipedia/commons/7/7a/Atmosphere_gas_proportions.svg

Phase Change 05.Jan.2015 18:47


Arctic phase change is a prelude to rise. Ideally an ice water mix will stay at constant temperature till melting is complete. I have not seen it printed anywhere explaining the lag exactly that simple, so that might not be a sufficient answer.


Local phenomena
Local phenomena
Trapping energy and transfering takes time
Trapping energy and transfering takes time

. 14.Jan.2015 11:29


Science made no such claim about the earth not warming. 1998 was an outlier and the sort of thing that happens in a complex system. Just dishonest climate deniers use that outlier to claim there is no warming, not climate scientists. The average temp from 2000-2009 was significantly warmer than 1990-1999. So statistically speaking on a decade scale surface air temps have continued to rise. 2014 was the hottest year yet recorded and 2010-1019 will again significantly surpass 2000-2009.