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Thank God The Cops Are Gone

What a useless pain in the ass they were. They are not like brother Putin. They don't know about the concept of negotiation.
Brother Putin knows all about negotiation. He's not a troll like the local cops.

(They pay the sticker price.)


Brother Putin 27.Dec.2014 13:42


Psychopathic KGB Thug Brother Putin has killed more people than all the police in the United States ever have. Just ask a victim of the chechnya war, the war in Georgia, or the one now in Ukraine.

Here is a photo of KGB thug Brother Putin posing as a Russian tourist that just happened upon President Reagan during his visit to Moscow.

By the way, to the person pretending to be Blues (Blues is self-loathing Maoist failure, but he isn't stupid enough to believe this).
You are welcome to immigrate to Russia and live under the wonderful world of Putin anytime you wish. What are you waiting for????

This Is The Problem 27.Dec.2014 17:19


Perhaps it comes down to the police taking themselves a bit too seriously, albeit in a most odd way. Of late they tend more and more to act as if they are some vast motorcycle gang. This tendency is inconsistent with the fact that we should expect them to solve problems, not create them. Of course they are controlled by the ruling globalist mafia (although most of them almost certainly don't consciously understand that).

My point about the need for negotiation is that the police need to negotiate about their relationship with the rest of the population, not just define that relationship themselves. And despite all the globalist mafia TV propaganda (which was endless), they have lost a considerable amount of public credibility due to their increasingly gang-like behavior. The poor minority people have always been concerned about this, but now the rest of the mostly brainwashed public is becoming uneasy. This comes at a time when police are in great need of all the credibility they can muster. Ask Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (Ronald Reagan's Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and was confirmed in that office by the U.S. Senate), ask Dmitry Orlov (who was in the USSR during its collapse). Yes, the US is poised for a major economic collapse (even though stocks are meaningless, and bonds are where all the real money resides, the stocks could drop by 70% on any given afternoon).

So my "Abolish The Police" article was just an opening bid in a negotiation. I know the police are not going to be abolished, but I always start with a high-ball bid. Just like any automobile dealer who starts negotiating with a high-ball sticker price, which she or he does not expect to actually receive. But I should have guessed that some cops would take it as a besmirchment and trolled the hell out of my article. That won't help with the credibility issues.

As far as the "brother Putin" thing, I don't think of him as my brother. I was merely burlesquing a bit. But, although undoubtedly ruthless, he's very sophisticated, not a thug. The Chechnya thing, it's a predominantly Muslim region in the south of Eastern Russia (population is about 1,268,989) which tried to secede from the Federation. The result was comparable to what would ensue if the Mormons tried to remove Utah from the Union. Very bloody of course. The Georgia war (they attacked two de facto independent regions, Abkhazia and South Ossetia) was not very bloody. Most people know that the real president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, was overthrown and replaced by the fascist billionaire Petro Poroshenko because of the actions of the CIA (which cost us $5 billion). It is not Russia's fault, and it is Poroshenko who sent his army to the east to blow up hospitals, schools, churches, homes, etc.

I'm certainly not a Maoist, he really did kill millions, and had arguably the biggest ego in all history. Also I am not "welcome to immigrate[sic]" to Russia. They don't want Americans (except for Snowden).

The point here is that Vladimir Putin is arguably the world's greatest negotiator, as the Business Insider article makes clear. "Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the only child of a decorated war veteran and factory worker in the slums of Leningrad. He grew up in a Soviet Union styled communal apartment with two other families as was typical at the time." And now he is considered by many the greatest leader on earth, with an approval rating of well over 80% in Russia. You should read the article.

He got there mostly by negotiating. That is how much negotiating can buy you. Capeesh?