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Don't Get Rid Of Police, "Poor People" Need 'Em - It's All They Got

On a recent thread titled 'Don't Get Rid Of Police, "Inner City African Americans" Need Them'  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2014/12/428774.shtml

below this posted article one of the user comments, authored by 'because', asserted [quote]:

"there are more poor than rich. The rich have private security, fences, burglar alarm systems, etc. for protection. the poor have tax funded police. Thats it."
"The truth is, the police help more poor people."

The author asserts that police are necessary, and far more so for 'the poor' (than in comparison for example 'the rich'), simply because [quote]:

"They help the poor more"

We would now like to obtain Portland Indymedia users' overall feedback on these remarks and assertions.

Please place your comments and analyses below, we look forward to see them.
(full comment posted verbatim below)

They help the poor more 21.Dec.2014 20:46
because link

there are more poor than rich.

The rich have private security, fences, burglar alarm systems, etc. for protection.

the poor have tax funded police. Thats it.

you may not like the police, and its cool and trendy to hate the police because you want to look cool to your friends and think you won't get no pussy if you like the police, but the truth is, the police help more poor people.

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2014/12/428774.shtml
address: address: Don't Get Rid Of Police - Somebaahdeee Needs Them

most needed 22.Dec.2014 07:42


The rich have private security, gated fences, alarm systems, etc.

The poor have a police force paid for by those rich people for the most part.

The middle class, minorities, and poor are the victims of more crime than the rich if for no other reason than their are more of them. Hence they benefit from the police more than the rich.

So the police are like the bus system / mass transit? 23.Dec.2014 00:40


('richer' people who have their own cars)

isn't this precisely the same argument?

Don't get rid of Tri-Met / bus system / mass transit,

because "poor people" need it (to get to work, get home, whatever) ?

And by extension -

'the police' are a public service?

At our behest, pretty much whenever/wherever we desire (again, like Tri-Met / bus system)?

A quote from a Gordon Lightfoot song 29.Dec.2014 08:49


The watchman's out
kickin the bums about
It feels so good knowin the watchman's gone

Thepoor would be better off without the police. I've seen first hand how the Portland police treat the homeless and young people.

Police vs. rich or poor peoples safety? 10.Jan.2015 08:08

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