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Don't Get Rid Of Police, "Inner City African Americans" Need Them

On a recent thread titled 'Abolish The Police'  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2014/12/428766.shtml

below this posted article one of the user comments, authored by '87', asserted [quote]:

"A majority of calls made to the police are by inner city African Americans who need help. That is a fact."

The comment by '87' further asserted that the very idea of abolishing/getting rid of police was solely predicated on the idea that police "help the rich" (exclusively). i.e. the opposite of "abolishing" police, is keeping them around so that the police can "help the poor".

We would now like to obtain Portland Indymedia users' overall feedback on these remarks and assertions.

Please place your comments and analyses below, we look forward to see them.
(full comment of user/author identified themselves as '87')

blues 21.Dec.2014 07:13
87 link  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2014/12/428766.shtml#438373

Blues, you posts have become increasingly bitter and focus on underling financial problems. I can only conclude you are having some sort of money problems and resent anybody who is doing better than you. Abolish the police because they only help the rich, and I'm not rich so who needs something that helps someone else. A majority of calls made to the police are by inner city African Americans who need help. That is a fact. Those super rich inner city blacks would like to thank you for your support.

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2014/12/428766.shtml
address: address: Abolish The Police

It's not the Rich we're worried about. 21.Dec.2014 14:13

Tracy Mapes

The Cost Effectiveness of Policing is becoming cost prohibitive to a productive society.

So? ...Your neighbor loses some shit? The Robber usually leaves behind the Home.

Police Actions can be so devastating to the People living on Month to Month Incomes that they easily have the power to destroy entire Family Units ability to sustain themselves.

You can't solve Low Income problems by stealing from everyone through Fines or Jail, or the tax base.

Everytime you create New Defective, Un-Employed People Persons or Families, it goes far beyond the initial Penalties in cost to the Public.

We must move Policing toward Solving situations before they become Jailable Offenses.

In a Society they constantly competes for the Same Dollars, be they retail, government, private industry, taxes, fines or other forced expenditure, it becomes quite obvious why Our Government is in a deficit situation, when resolving People's failings to sustain themselves would far more productive to the overall tax base, the cooperation between Police and the Citizenry.

Some thing has to be Done. We must all become Candle Makers instead of Candle Burners because all of Our candles are already on Fire.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

makes sense 21.Dec.2014 15:59


if most of the crime is committed in areas where blacks live, then most of the crimes are being committed against blacks, so I would expect the victims to be calling for help.

its not a hard concept to follow.

ya frank (stating obvious) isn't the question or the topic 21.Dec.2014 19:23



They help the poor more 21.Dec.2014 20:46


there are more poor than rich.

The rich have private security, fences, burglar alarm systems, etc. for protection.

the poor have tax funded police. Thats it.

you may not like the police, and its cool and trendy to hate the police because you want to look cool to your friends and think you won't get no pussy if you like the police, but the truth is, the police help more poor people.










Douchebag Sez: " cool and trendy to hate the police " 21.Dec.2014 22:07



Where is the evidence that the police somehow


or otherwise "help" [Douchebag's Words: "the police help more poor people"] poor people?

( or rich people? __any__ people? )

You must provide evidence for the baseless claims you assert.


I see how it works 22.Dec.2014 16:04

on indymedia

blank space = good arguments

now we all can waste our time

Well you've done well trolling these articles 22.Dec.2014 18:10

" now we all can waste our time "


" now we all can waste our time " 23.Dec.2014 22:47


If you come here, your time is already wasted by default.