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War Against the Racist Police--3 Posters Against the Police

3 posters about Ferguson and the police, for distribution everywhere.
One new poster & two older ones about the police and Ferguson. Also, check out the site fergusonandfurther.noblogs.org for more media, zines, flyers, and resources for the struggle against the police. Poster 1: War Against the Racist Police State:


Poster 2: Stokely Carmichael Quote:


Poster 3: "The Only Peace They Want"


Also, quartersheets for distribution at events, with basic information about Ferguson on the front, and useful suggestions for protecting oneself and one's friends on the back: http://fergusonandfurther.noblogs.org/files/2014/11/grandjuryquarterprintfinal.pdf All politics are against the police. War against the racist police state! ftp.