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Where & when is the protest against police oppression in Ferguson ?

Important question
Can indymediastill provide important information? When & where is the demo for the most important issue to hit USA this year?

4:00 pm today 25.Nov.2014 10:15

Central Precinct

PDX - Portland

Emergency Rally in Solidarity with Ferguson, Missouri: "Justice for Michael Brown"
Tuesday. November 25, 2014, 4:00 PM, Central Precinct, SW 3rd and Madison

The people of Portland stand in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, Missouri, in a rally to be held on Tuesday, November 25, at 4:00 PM, at 4:00 PM at the Central Precinct building, SW 3rd and Madison. The rally, sponsored by the Albina Ministerial Alliance (AMA) Coalition for Justice and Police Reform, is to protest the grand jury decision made in Ferguson, which failed to indict Officer Darren Wilson for shooting unarmed teenager Michael Brown in early August.

"The failure of the grand jury to indict Officer Wilson in this case is a travesty of justice," said Dr. LeRoy Haynes, Jr, Chair of the AMA Coalition. "We in Portland have had many Michael Browns-- Kendra James, Jahar Perez, Aaron Campbell, James Chasse-- so we know how important it is to bring officers to justice when they have used excessive and deadly force."

The AMA Coalition will continue to push for justice for the people of Ferguson as the case moves forward in other arenas, while its ongoing work holding Portland Police accountable goes on as well. More information can be found on the Coalition's web site at < http://www.albinaministerialcoalition.org>.

Tuesday's rally is cosponsored by Portland Copwatch, Portland Jobs with Justice, Jewish Voice for Peace-Portland, All African People's
Revolutionary Party, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Killjoy Prophets. All Portlanders wishing to see justice and peace are encouraged to attend.

info 25.Nov.2014 10:20

den mark, vancouver wa

4pm today, "justice" center, third & madison, I think.

a fleeing robber makes for a piss poor martyr. 25.Nov.2014 11:06


At the end of the day, you must face facts. Had black officer Michael Brown shot and killed white Robbery suspect Darrin Wilson (yes, backwards), you would never know either of their names. You don't believe me? 76 police officers were killed last year on duty, without looking it up, please name one? thousands of blacks were killed last year by other blacks, please name one?

The reason you know these two names is because the situation is almost unique and not common as the corporate media wishes you to believe.

Zero Evidence Of Either Fleeing Nor Robbing 25.Nov.2014 12:05


No evidence of either. Only evidence of another MK-Ultra vetted sociopath police killer.

All the government "numbers" of black murderers are 20 times as fake as the unemployment statistics. You really believe the FBI is required to tell the truth to the public? Nonsense!

All the "evidence" was scrambled to the max better than any greasy spoon omelet. What does it mean when there are 1,000 inconsistent pieces of evidence?

The Blue Lodge Free Masonic Police and judges always lie about everything all the time. Why would it be different this time?

Stealin when he should have been buyin. 25.Nov.2014 13:39



Wow... All I can say is wow.. To say there is no evidence of a robbery, you have to had been either freeze dried, have been doing hard time in a DPRK prison, or be an utter anti-societal rage-monkey lacking a complete sense of consequences or reality, and who has either been blinded by white guilt after suffering from a congenital case of Afluenza, or brainwashed by race baiting poverty pimps who enrich themselves on the tragedies and disappointments of those they claim to help.

We all watched the video of the "Gentle Giant" robbing the store of the cigars (which his friend tried to put back on the counter), and then assaulting the clerk when he interfered with the robbery. Had he been buying instead of Robbing he would be alive and well studying at Vatterott college today.

That fact that you are blind to it says way more about you and your narrow mindset than it does about race relations in America. You need do nothing but camp out in an abandon house in North St. Louis or the Cabrini-Green neighborhood of Chicago for the weekend to conclude that the FBI statistics are true. It ain't Portland, lets just say. Sorry.

. 25.Nov.2014 17:48


Despite all the talk about reducing injuries, pepper spray and tasers are only for use when cops are feeling charitably inclined not to kill you.

Nah 25.Nov.2014 19:39


Unless we are going to protest like they are in Ferguson, then I won't be there. I wrote off parade-style protesting long ago.

Need better heroes 25.Nov.2014 20:51


I'd like to get behind this protest but just can't. I'm against police oppression and state power but won't get behind one of these race based protests. The 3 largest relatively recent conflagrations were around Rodney King, Treyvon Martin and now Michael Brown. Anyone notice a pattern? No, it's not "just" that they are all black, it's that they are all, to some degree "thugs" and/or punks. Sorry, all you people who are anointing them with a mantle of sainthood, they were not saints, they were not black men doin' nuttin' at all. They were all doing stuff that you can't expect a good end from. Does that mean they deserved to be executed or beaten within an inch of their life? No. However, it also does not mean that they were simply beaten or killed because they were black. It happened because they were acting out violently and aggressively. Yes, Treyvon beat Zimmerman, yes, Brown and his pal attacked that cop. Now, I'm not against attacking cops necessarily, it can be an expression of resistance against the state but Brown didn't do it for a political reason, he did it because he felt his right to be a bully was being infringed, he's not hero, he's no martyr.
If the debate about these actions started from the viewpoint about how much right a person has to defend themself (whether citizen or even cop) when physically attacked then we could have a rational debate about whether the cops (or a Zimmerman) have a right to defend themself. I personally believe they all overreacted and should be held accountable for at least manslaughter, and you don't have a right to execute someone because they hit you, though it is a mitigating circumstance. That's not the debate from the pro Brown crowd though, He's been beautified as a virtuous saint and was gunned down for simply no reason. No, there was a reason, it may not have been an adequate one but there was a reason it happened, and much of the blame lies in his own actions. I challenge anyone to review the account by his friend Dorain Johnson, it's complete BS, it's a lie, yeah I can hear the howls already but even at face value his story stinks.
What really gets me is these are what black America and white progressive America thinks of as "heroes", the type that we need to take the streets to support. "Heroes"? A black man acts out violently, catches a backlash for it then black America is galvanized into riots and protests. OK, why didn't that happen when Kendra James was shot by police a few years ago? Why doesn't that cause mass rioting in the streets? Is it because she wasn't a black man being a bully? A scared young black woman who did something impulsively, but with no intent to harm, is executed by a cop and that isn't worth rioting for?
How about Fouad Kady? James Chasse? Oh, they were caucasian and that's different. Now someone is going to say Brown is representative of all of them. Well, then why couldn't you get your asses up and gotten this worked up when the "others" were shot by police? Why did you have to wait until it was Michael Brown, after he bullied a man in a shop and was marching in the middle of the street daring anyone to challenge his right to his "turf"?
Of course the media has been the ringmaster behind this circus anyways, who makes the decision to put these violent black men on the front pages and manipulate the stories anyways? Why are the non violent people, black or white, relegated to lesser press space? Maybe the corporate media is trying to sabotage the progressive movement by making black thug types symbols and ignoring better people who have been gunned down by cops.
Someone is also going to say Brown's reaction was because of "profiling" and he justifiably "snapped". Hmmm, yes profiling to a degree can happen, but it also happens to poor whites also, it's more of a class issue than race based and if an incident happened where someone was genuinely being profiled I would be sympathetic, that wasn't happening in Brown's case, he asked for it to happen and if I was a white guy driving down the street and wanted to get by I have a feeling Brown and his buddy wouldn't have been particularly gracious toward me, and race bias on their part would have been an underlying motive. Yes, I've experienced that before and recognize his behavior.
Sorry, I'm all for protesting and giving the powers that be hell but when you people can't get behind better examples of humanity who have been victimized by police oppression, then I'm not joining your protest.

What the f@ck? 25.Nov.2014 21:16


Who the hell are you to say that he deserves no justice because he allegedly stole some cigars? Only racist shitheads would make such a statement.

Who hasn't stolen something? Every get overpaid at a store, or not charged for an item that you bought? Then by your rational, you don't deserve justice. Maybe someone should shoot you for your crime.

Get out of here Erasmite 25.Nov.2014 21:26


Even if they were all thugs, the injustice that happened to them is NOT justified. I won't bother getting into your other examples, but as far as Mike Brown, even if he stole from the store, got into a scuffle with the police officer.. the fact is is that he was unarmed and hand his hands up in surrender when he got shot. Cops have a duty to uphold the law and should be held to a higher standard. If they can't handle the stress of the job (it is a dangerous job) then they should simply not be cops. The cop who killed Mike Brown should be in prison. Simple as that.

I'll take a guess... 25.Nov.2014 21:32


Erasmite - You must be white, and enjoying that white male privilege? As white people, we can't simply pretend to understand how things are and what goes on for people of different ethnicity. A lot of cops are racist pigs. However, this should not even be a race issue. This about equality and justice.

goes 25.Nov.2014 21:53


thank you for showing us your twisted heart that is full of racist fascism.


The cry of the toddler. The good news is that toddlers grow out of it. What genetic deficiency caused your malignant social maladjustment?

gos and Hood - Why don't you two actually fully read my comment? 25.Nov.2014 22:31


It's obvious that neither of you read what I wrote. You both just flew off the handle as soon as you realized I wasn't toeing the PC line. I made it quite clear that a physical assault doesn't necessarily justify an execution. You Hood, are being particularly disingenuous, where DID I ever say stealing a cigar justifies getting shot? I never said that, you're a liar. I do think it's a valid thing to bring up in order to judge the character of Mr. Brown, if the cop had a history of "bad cop" behavior you wouldn't hesitate to use that to color his character. If you are going to beautify Mr. Brown as a saint then you need to look at the whole man and what kind of a person he really is. Nobody is saying stealing a cigar is justification for execution but it's an indication Mr. Brown isn't the sweet "gentle giant" his family and supporters are characterizing him as.
If you violently assault someone it puts the victim in a situation of self defense. Yes, I believe Mr. Brown and his Mr. Johnson attacked the cop, early witnesses actually verified that (then some changed their stories), now the shifting stories, that morphed and changed are confusing and contradictory. Personally I believe the initial ones. Dorain Johnson claims the cop drove up next to them and "hit them with his car door". Yeah sure Mr. Johnson, I'm sure you got a bridge you can sell me too. No, they did what the cop said they did, they were marching in the middle of the street staking out their "turf" and took umbrage at the cop telling them to get out of the street, slammed his car door shut when he tried to get out and started beating him through the window. Now what happened right after that I'm not sure, maybe the cop flew into a rage and shot even if Brown surrendered, maybe Brown was taunting him and grabbed the gun. That's the "he said she said" part of it. Both could have happened but regardless of either one it's clear that Brown isn't the innocent black man doing nothing at all and getting shot for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
None of you have responded with anything that shows you actually looked into the accounts of what happened and thought any of this through, your ad hominem attacks and mindless racist accusations prove it, just two poseurs believing the PC version of what happened in order to pose and posture as noble anti racists.
If that's not true then actually read through my "ENTIRE" earlier comment, "THINK" about it and respond with something that shows you are actually capable of critical thinking.

Yeah... 25.Nov.2014 23:33


I don't give a fuck about being PC. This has nothing to do with being PC. I read your entire post, and I have followed the entire case. I agree, that cases such as James Chasse should have received as much attention as this one. I've been to the anti-police brutality protests here in Portland regarding the for-mentioned cases and others. What you pointed out, was that you can't really get behind these protests because these people are "thugs". No, you did not say that getting killed over stealing a cigar is okay, but regardless of what he did, even if the account of him fighting the cop is legit, the fact remains that he was unarmed with his hands in the air when he got shot multiple times. The fact remains that by large more non-whites are murdered by cops than whites being murdered by cops. It is a indisputable trend. Always has been. Whether it was this case, or the black guy being crushed to death in NYC, or the 12 year old kid that was just shot from a bb gun, or the countless other murders by police against non-whites, it is out of control. Nor should it matter if it was black or white. This is a representation of ALL cases. This one just happened to gain more momentum than others, for whatever reason. Probably because the community actually rioted, cause you see.. we both know parade-style protests with holding signs on the sidewalks gets nothing done. We both know that trying to change the system within the system is not going to happen. The system is the problem. We both know the people in power and those that protect their status-quo are not going to give up their power or change because some people held signs or voted. No, they have spent decades achieving what they have achieved through theft, murder, oppression, and slavery and despite the illusion of American Democracy, it isn't.

The fact remains that these people shouldn't have been killed. If they were doing criminal activity.. then.. arrested? Maybe. Some jail time? Maybe (I don't agree with our barbaric prison system, and these black people would have served far longer sentences than they deserved, but it no sane society did they need to be killed. Instead of picking and choosing your police brutality cases, maybe instead of talking shit you should be out on the streets in support, because we are never going to change anything if we always argue over stupid details and ideas. The larger problem, the one that we need unity to solve, is still there, and all tactics of protest.. from petitions, to waving signs, to burning down the city should be supported, until the day the problems actually get solved.

Do you think Mike Brown was the first problem that they had in their black community with their white police force? It was a tipping point. Do you think the people rioting are in the wrong? This is a segregated community, probably with poor education, and they are acting out in the ways they know how. They are angry, and rightfully so. Oh no, they are looting stores and setting them on fire! Uhh, pointless? Maybe, but it doesn't even matter. Fuck anyone that says that they are in the wrong. Their children are dying. Some looting and fires is the least of our problems. Thank god they are, for its getting national attention because of it. Otherwise, there is a good chance we would have never heard about it, nor would we be talking about it the day after the fact.

You can choose not to support it if you wish, because its race based and because they were thugs. You are entitled to that. It just prolongs the same problem that we have in politics in general though. Democrats and Republicans will sit for hours and squabble about pointless shit when the bigger issues at hand get forgotten, and the lack of solidarity needed to fix these problems is lost because people love titles and choosing a side. I don't choose a political party. I don't choose saint or "thug". I don't choose black or white. I dont choose rich or poor. I don't choose christian or atheist. I choose the people. I choose freedom. I choose equality. I choose justice. And cops.. and those they protect, and those that protect them in return, stand for none of those things.

So don't get so lost on the details per case and your personal feelings about them. We all know what the over-all problem is. We must support each other, we must have solidarity, or we will never.. ever.. ever.. ever.. EVER... fix or change anything.

Rage on Ferguson. Rage on.

P.S. I know you didn't bring half of this, and I know you didn't say most of this.. but regardless... it is still important and it still serves its purpose and it still pertains to your argument.

That was much better.... 26.Nov.2014 00:36


OK, now you've posted something with substance Mr. Hood and I can certainly agree in principle. However, don't forget the part where I questioned "why" the mainstream media allocates huge blocks of media space to make these particular "victims" of police violence media celebrities. Why is it King, Treyvon and Martin instead of Kaady, James and Chasse??? or many of the much better examples of systemic class/race violence from the state? People who Americans wouldn't have vague lingering doubt about (at least those not completely blinded by PC ideology), people gunned down by police who really didn't do anything seriously threatening, just summarily executed by cops because they have been given tacit permission to do so by the state.
Don't you ever wonder why these demonstrations erupt in a paroxysm of brief energy, sometimes violence, then die down to nothing, with nothing accomplished or changed and no change in the mindset of America? Pointless violence that hurts the citizens around them instead of going after the apparatus of the police state? I think the reasons for that can be complex: Cultural conditioning from childhood via the government industrial/infotainment complex, economic punishment to those who resist, cowardice, ignorance or maybe just plain human apathy.
Ask yourself if the reasons black men with "thuggish" elements are promoted heavily by the media as martyrs could be to create a link in peoples minds between protest, acts of resistance and violent black men, in order to de-legitimize dissent in the minds of most of America. I can't prove that but I'm seeing a pattern in how the media is operating and a lot of people mindlessly following media cues without thinking about what's really going on. Maybe we need to find and promote our own symbols of resistance instead of letting the state do it for us.

solidarity 26.Nov.2014 12:08

people matter

I agree w/ hoods eloquent statement

And Erasmite; screw corporate mainstream media, that's why we are here at indymedia

Isn't that what I was saying? 26.Nov.2014 13:02


I may have been a little more long winded than your succinct way of putting it but I believe that was my whole point Mr. people matter. The media only puts stories out that ultimately serve the interests of it's wealthy owners, it might appear on the surface the the mass publicity allocated to the holy trinity of Rodney King, Treyvon Martin and now George Martin is a "civil rights" therefore progressive issue, but that is a surface illusion. As has been suggested now in a subsequent Indymeda posting, it's very possible they are psy ops schemes with objectives antithetical to progressive or radical goals. Why do so many so called radicals and progressives dance to the tune the mainstream media plays?

You really can't understand that unless you pay attention to the details Mr. Hood, I'm perfectly able to focus on those yet not lose sight of the big objective.

erasmite, yes 26.Nov.2014 14:03

den mark, vancouver wa

erasmite is correct in pointing out what i call hypocrisy in portland marching in solidarity with victims of police violence elsewhere. yesterday's protest should have been "WHAT ABOUT PORTLAND!" in ferguson it took one death. here, no number of deaths seems high enuf.

any one case of death by police excess here should have led to blocking streets & freeways repeatedly & continuously, right here. progressives here should have blocked sw broadway after deaths of James, Campbell, Chasse, Poot, et alia, & never gotten up until Justice was accomplished.

of course, it would be hard to keep replacing protesters who are carted away by clueless cops, because that would take thousands & thousands doing the blockading, & metro portland has too few strong people, but no such effort was ever made. people showed up & marched each time, sometimes bravely, for a couple hours, & then went away, because the fire went out.

after Kendra James was murdered, i stood outside multco courthouse waiting for grand jury decision, with like four other people. four! after Fouad Kaady was murdered in clackco, maybe ten of us stood with his family in oregon city waiting for grand jury's decision. ten! this is not okay.

cops know & politicians know that once people vent, they'll move on to other things. we should be about proving them wrong, ... in vancouver, in portland, in beaverton, in seattle, in everywhere. how many deaths of innocents will it take in new york city, for example, before people get angry & stay angry.

in both seattle & portland it took the feds to come here & demand change. even with that, portland city council balks. how absurd for the pacific northwest to claim progressive ideals & have bad cops doing bad things.

it's long past due that we all get angry, & STAY ANGRY, until Justice is accomplished.

*absolutely* agree that Brown should NOT have been shot dead 27.Nov.2014 01:31


He was/is still not a good rallying point for either topics of :

1) anti-racism
2) Police violence/excess force
(towards _any_ citizen, not just under-privileged/nonwhite)

(and -- sorry about this -- neither is Ferguson, Missouri a good rallying point...)

Good luck in your passions - sorry it's being wasted on such a pointless focus this time around.

Ferguson/Brown will be long forgotten and of no consequence in the anti-racism/police violence legacy just a few years from now.