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Video: Keystone PipeLIES Exposed, 18 min

Our thinking about strength, security, work, happiness, health and prosperity must change from the extractive and destructive paradigm to caring and protection. Nature is our partner and our hope, more than an external, a free good and a sink. Lakes are more than anti-freeze, mountains are more than land fill and politicians should do more than stuff their pockets.


We Made this Short Film to Crush the KXL Lies

The Center for Media and Democracy -- the award-winning publisher of PRWatch.org, ALECexposed.org, and SourceWatch.org -- was founded to debunk corporate and government spin. The public relations (PR) campaign for the Keystone XL pipeline, with fake "facts" peddled by industry-funded politicians, has left countless Americans deeply misinformed. We need your help to debunk the lies:

Watch our film
Speak out
Stand up
Spread the facts

You can also help by engaging on social media or just getting social in person and making sure all your friends know that the proposed pipeline expansion is a raw deal for America. The evidence shows that approving the Keystone XL would help undermine our climate future and would pose enormous risks of high-volume sticky tar leaks devastating Americans' water supply and America's agricultural heartland. You can help stop the KXL.

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