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Portland Indymedia No longer Serves It's Purpose...

...So Let's Shut It Down!
Remember what this website was originally? Portland Indymedia no longer serves it's purpose as an outlet for community news. Instead it's a forum that gives space to crazy conspiracy theorists and right wing-nuts. Let's shut it down before it does anymore damage to actual communities of Portland. It makes me sad to see just how far it's fallen.

Well…….. 24.Nov.2014 17:12

Jim Lockhart videoactivepdx@gmail.com

I'm not going to argue with your main premise, but... ... .rather than shut the thing down, wouldn't it be better if members of this community stepped forward and treated this resource as something of value?

The Independent Media Center originated to encourage citizens to get out and gather the news, cover the actions in the streets, you know, Be the Media, Citizen Journalists. Instead of petulantly calling the Corporate Media foul names and wailing about corporate collusion with the established order, step up and contribute. What an idea! This worked for a while, but in the long run, well, it didn't fly, and we are witnessing a slow sputtering irrelevancy.

Books could be written about why this precious activist resource ran out of gas. Perhaps someday they will, but in the meantime, it's up to us to refill the tank and conduct ourselves like this resource is too valuable to lose. The typical cell phone today is superior technology to any but the most expensive camcorders and cameras existent when IMC first started out in 1999. These pictures and videos end up on Facebook, which has become the main social media organizing tool for activists.

This Sunday is the 15th anniversary of the WTO in Seattle, which pretty much launched IMC to the world. Yes it was a Battle in Seattle, but the war continues today and everyday as people the world over seek to establish social justice, protect the environment, and resist the machinations and treachery of those who pretend to run the world for our benefit. The Occupy movement spoke in the same vein, ripping the mask off of the elite 1% and demonstrating that the poor and middle classes are getting a raw deal from their elected officials, for the most part, part of the problem.

Indymedia will not die outright, it will slowly fade away, as it is now doing, the world over. We can either pull the plug, admitting its irrelevancy, or participate in this revolutionary idea which rose fresh as the new millennium was unfolding.

Ultimately, as always, it's up to us, to protect the Earth, to demand fair labor practices, to establish justice, to publish the truth, or at least a perspective other than the corporate, main stream pablum.

Irrelevance isn't damaging 24.Nov.2014 17:55


Indymedia can't do "damage to actual communities of Portland". If it sucks, the worst that can happen is actual communities ignore it just they ignore every other website on the internet.

RE: " not going to argue with your main premise, " 24.Nov.2014 18:05


As far as this long-time (14+ years) PDX-based user is concerned,

the OP's "premise" is laughably baseless.

This has to be a troll post [roll eyes] but I'll go ahead and continue replying anyway..................

If one glances down the current newswire, there is more than enough evidence that this IMC is thriving and continues to do so -

imho like almost no other IMC in the U.S.

diverse range of coverage, reporting, and activists telling their story (no matter who may or may not be listening/following).

RE: revolutionary idea(s). The Battle In Seattle was a one-time deal. Just as the one-shot Occupy apparently also turned out to be. Keep renewing these struggles if that happens to be your opinion or focus in life; more power to you.

Independent media, though remains as vital and important as those such as Chomsky have insisted.

PDX IMC as of 24 November 2014 is doing as well as it could possibly be from the POV of this user and observer.

It Is One Of Those Things That Actually Works! 24.Nov.2014 20:31


So fuck you,"Anonymous" and the horse you rode in on.

neither do buggy whips 25.Nov.2014 06:38


your problem isn't so much with the content of this website as it is to the fact that the technology has passed it by. websites are so 1990s. facebook, twitter and all those big corporate powerhouses that americans are glued to are the thing. like it or not. (BTW, I don't have an account on either).

as to the right wing nut comment, you are just seeing more decent in the party line that normally dominates this website. Only a few years ago counter ideas and thoughts would be erased by the jackboots here. I'm glad to see they are becoming more tolerant of other opinions. Perhaps their the audience here can evolve as well.

Facebook and Twitter Are Owned By Billionaire CFR Wags 25.Nov.2014 09:14


All those big corporate powerhouses that Americans are glued to?

That is just another example of bleached out faded glory.

The billionaires are not the beloved oligarchs they used to be.

We will eat their sweet asses. Physically.


No... 25.Nov.2014 09:23


Anonymous - You're thinking is exactly the kind that is turning the internet into a dull vanilla forum with strictly PC/Right Wing boundaries. Why are you posting something on Indymedia that encourages that kind of thinking? I used to be able to leave comments on mainstream media sites like the Oregonian that would stretch the political or PC ideologies but now those kind of comment are deleted nearly immediately. Same with most other mainstream outlets. The few left that you can post comments without being censored are going to change soon. The rational is always: The internet needs to be cleaned up. This is an actual quote by the thought police executives and their vacant eyed minions. Sure there is a lot of "junk", trolls who post obscenities or semseless rants but, so what? I glance at them and move on. Who decides what is appropriate? What political or personal parameters are allowed? There are many in this country who think that a site like Indymedia should be censored, and would censor it if they had the power, because they think it is radical, anarchistic and dangerous (regardless that it's actually none of those).
I'm not saying you can't excercise some judgement about what is posted on any forum, if the Christian Coalition started mass contributing to Indymedia I wouldn't object to their articles getting deleted. However, that's a pretty extreme example, within that I would pretty much allow anything. I've been censored enough on the mainstream media, when it happens by the thought nazi's on Indymedia, yeah you people know who you are even if you don't realize "what" you are, it's even worse because you expect people to have a broader perspective. Strangely enoujgh even many those who identify themselves as "progressive" or "radical" are not.

All Those Big Corporate Powerhouses: That Is Just Crap 25.Nov.2014 09:27


All those big corporate powerhouses that Americans are glued to?

That is just another example of bleached out faded glory.

The billionaires are not the beloved oligarchs they used to be.

We will eat their sweet asses. Physically.


still works for me 25.Nov.2014 10:49

Joe Anybody

i look at portland indymedia every single day!

sure it "was used" for "so much more".... "back in the day"
but its still viable, important, needed and usable today

it still serves a great purpose
your words on a non corporate, no data mining, community access, free use website
why stop a good thing?

and then there's this fact/question 27.Nov.2015 03:17


well isn't indymedia safer and much less tracked than the big social media sites? they are basically just huge tracking and info mining scams. is this site? i didn't think it was, i mean it wouldn't be so easy, but i decided to ask anyway. i rather doubt it but would love to know.
that is a big draw for indymedia , I'm pretty sure- if you aren't into that much info sharing and tracking by corporations behind the scenes.
But i have to admit, the green background always makes it hard to read the text. they do need to help out a bit with that.