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Today, 9am Oppose Hales at forum on Creative Solutions to Homelessness

More information can be found out about the Walk of Homelessness Awareness at 7:30am, and the forum after at 9pm @ First United Methodist Church at New City Initiative's website.
We propose opposition to Hales' appearance as opening speaker at the forum, due to the Portland Police's anti-houseless sweeps in the region and the Mayor's tacit support. Respectful participation in the event would be lovely, then opposition to what Mayor Hales represents.

homepage: homepage: http:// http://www.newcityinitiative.net/resources/events/day-of-homelessness-awareness

Forum at First Unitarian 21.Nov.2014 04:55


The walk starts at the Methodist Church.

The forum is at First Unitarian Church. The forum starts at 9:00 a.m. Tickets and pre-registration were apparently required.

SILENCE THE BEAST! 21.Nov.2014 17:04


Thou shall not utter a contrary thought in thy presence! There shall be no descent!

The first amendment was never intended to allow dissenting voices of the people!

Porltand is a mecca.... 22.Nov.2014 07:07

... For some of us

Hopefully there will be video from the event on the New City Initiative website. This is what I took from Mayor Hales' speech. It is just my perception.


For those who could not be there, according to Mayor Hales, Portland is a "communitarian" (is that even a word?) and "exceptional" city. No worries....

Mayor Hales, perhaps Portland is "communitarian" for those who are earning the bloated City and County salaries -- "people like you who look like you." (Admittedly, Portland, to maintain its image of being "communitarian" and "exceptional" will always have a token minority or two in their employ, also earning 6-figure salaries while the rest of us are earning, maximum, mid-5-figure salaries.)

Mayor Hales, "exceptional" was probably a poor choice of words. Those of us not in the "inner circle" tend to associate "exceptionalism" with imperialism and colonization -- the idea that the world belongs to those of us who are paler and more monied. People with money tend to choose to ignore the fact that, when they have a lot, they usually have a lot at the expense of those who have to make do with less.

Mayor Hales, what you see as "communitarian" and "exceptional" is for the rest of us exclusionary and elitist. Everyone does not share the same reality and it is disrespectful to the poor, working poor and working class in Portland to pretend that everyone does. I can see where it may be comforting for you and your cronies and the faith-based community to believe that every Portlander is part of an exceptional and welcoming and accepting community. The line from the song in "Godspell" -- where Jesus sings, "There's no need to be depressed; someone has to be oppressed" -- was meant tongue-in-cheek and not to be taken seriously.

Viva Portlandia! 22.Nov.2014 10:15

Ya Basta!

"When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a Communist." -- Dom Helder Camaro

There were some "interesting" mixed messages given at yesterday's forum, which was organized by a well-intentioned faith-based organization and whose audience consisted primarily of "people of faith," who, while well-intentioned, might have been a bit naive.

The speakers at the various workshops primarily represented the nonprofit industrial complex. An exception was Ibrahim Mubarak, representing Right to Survive/Right 2 Dream Too.

So, let me see if I understand this right:

Portland is a climate refuge. There will be many climate refugees coming to Portland, so we need to be able to welcome them in the fashion to which they are accustomed -- high-priced apartment dwellings and mega-mansions. (The implication was that these climate refugees would not be poor people from Third World islands whose islands will have disappeared due to rising seas. The climate refugees would be coming to Portlandia because they have money. They will be fleeing the areas where there was little water and the little water they had was wasted on filling their swimming pools and keeping their lawns green.) Build it and they will come.

What happens to the rest of us?

Well, we can live in mini-houses. We can even live in a mini-house on wheels. (Why on earth would my family want to live in an over-priced 300-square foot house on wheels? Is it so that we can get towed somewhere else in the middle of the night so as not to offend the wealthy climate refugees who are out partying and don't want their world rocked by being reminded that some people have-not?

We can also live in an over-priced eco-village, segregated with "people like us." Returning veterans could have their own eco-village. Radicals could have their own eco-village. Artists could have their own eco-village. Vegans could have their own eco-village. Etc. This scenario reminded me of the "Hunger Games" and "Divergent." (If you have not seen any of those films, the Multnomah Library System has copies.) Why on earth would my family want to live in a "ghetto"? Wasn't that a method the Germans used before they rounded up the Jews during Hitler's time? Everybody got categorized and lived in one place.

Portland is "green." Portland is sustainable. "Green" Portlanders should eschew the modest single-family home and live more densely -- in apartment buildings. Yet permits are being given to raze starter bomes in modest, working class neighborhoods and replace them with mega-mansions that block neighbor's solar panels and shade their gardens and also take away any garden space that might have provide a food source for food-insecure people and their families.

So many mixed messages that I had to read between the lines....