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After Oregonian and other election corporate news reported Oregon GMO labeling initiative defeated, late returns show passage is within .2 percent, i.e. two tenths of one percent difference in the vote, with thousands of votes still uncounted, and at verge of automatic recount. New coverage has played to discourage voters from verifying questioned ballots. Monsanto backed No on 92 group conducted "push poll" directly threatening individual voters, listed as not having voted by Nov. 3 and Nov. 4, with higher food bills if they voted for the measure. Oregon has tough law making "undo influence" in an election a class C felony -- but will secretary of state move to enforce?
Let Kate Brown, Oregon Secretary of State, know you want a fair election and inquiry into Measure 92 ballot.

You may need to re-vote 13.Nov.2014 20:46

Theresa Mitchell

A review of the 'challenged voters' list shows that it is very heavily weighted to Portland voters who were challenged over allegedly non-matching signatures. This is exactly the result one might predict from a demographically targeted vote-challenge campaign, i.e., an effort to steal the election by removing the votes of those most likely to vote Yes on Measure 92.

Check to see if your vote was thrown away. You can do this by going to  link to www.statesmanjournal.com or calling 503-986-1518 and giving your name and birth date.

Despite the press blackout, this information has been getting out, and the vote narrowed again today by more than a thousand. There are now only 5,182 votes between failure of Measure 92 and victory...  http://oregonvotes.gov/results/2014G/1029276478.html

So: check to see if your vote was rejected. No, it doesn't matter that you signed properly--the opinion of the Monsanto-paid vote monitor is what counts here. If your name is not on the list, your vote was counted; otherwise, you will have only until Tuesday the 18th to re-register (no kidding) and re-vote. But people are already doing this. We could win this election for GMO labelling. There were 13,000 or so challenged votes as of yesterday...

corporate dreck spent $15+ million in Oregon for 0.2% margin 15.Nov.2014 09:03


that's the most hilarious part of all this -

even if they "win" they've already lost

this could make history 15.Nov.2014 09:17


Now there are only 4539 votes between us and Measure 92 victory. It is going down by more than a thousand each day! Logistically speaking, everyone on the list needs to be notified by Monday, before the Tuesday deadline. And it's getting some belated press:

 link to www.foodconsumer.org

 link to nwpr.org


Check the list for your name:
 link to www.statesmanjournal.com

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