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John Stewart Is Pro-Draft & Paul Simon Sells Out to Northrup Grumman

The USA is losing it's collective mind all at once
Now Dem Icon/Corporate Comedian John Stewart has publicly announced that he fully supports instituting a military draft for all young people. Just like Israel's model. He says he came to this conclusion after learning how many volunteer soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan now suffer PTSD. Well what did they expect after enlisting in the middle of an endless war? The 911 attacks galvanized a whole generation of XTC drenched Metalheads to actually consider soldiering as a way of life. Did they miss the signs? Vietnam PTSD casualties are no secret. Exploding bodies and dead babies don't make for sweet dreams in the years that follow. Now guilt-ridden hypocrites like Stewart want you, your sister, your cousin, your KID to get to share in these soul-expanding endeavors for Halliburton and Apple Pie. Meanwhile, back on Madison Avenue, aging ex pop-star Paul Simon has licensed his former #1 hit "The Boxer" to none other than mega military contractor Northrup Grumman as the background soundtrack for it's new commercial featuring the latest edition of the Stealth Bomber. I always thought those were Kettle Drums punctuating the end of that song, but I guess they were really bombs going off. "La la la la la la la" indeed....

well. 10.Nov.2014 16:14


Lets assume this was a politically viable solution. (which its not).

If everybody's boys and girls are in the military or subject to call up years later after they have been discharged, how enthusiastic would a president and congress be to go fight some shitty brush war somewhere knowing their own kids, their sister's kids, their grandchildren, their biggest contributor's kids and grandchildren would be in harms way?

Its one thing to send 2 percent of the nations poor and middle class kids off to become human IED sandbags, Its quite another when its your own children.

The proposal I have seen cleans up the biases and corrupt racism that plagued the last draft during Vietnam (ie, college deferments where rich kids slimed out of duty and poor kids, many of color had to fight in their place) Mandatory service for all US Citizens and Permanent residents (who get citizenship after their service with an honorable discharge, which has been happening anyway in the US military since the 1970s) between the ages of 18 to 26.
Those who choose the Military have a 2 year active duty followed by 8 years of inactive reserve status. Those who choose a non military option such peace corps or fail the physical /mental tests of the military such has the serve 6 years active duty. Those who receive less than an honorable discharge (bad conduct, general discharge, etc.) have a lifetime ban on federal benefits(which is currently the case).

I do understand people's objections to this, but I also believe that the end result would be a much better society in general after a few generations experienced giving back instead of just feeling entitled and taking.

Have no fears, it would never pass as a law.