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Reminder to request all volunteer jury system

Mandatory jury duty is unfair and inaccurate verdicts are the result.

An All Volunteer Jury system is needed.

Mandatory jury duty has failed.
Volunteers only have to choose a starting week and a courthouse.
The court will most likely choose jurors at random for individual
trials within that courthouse that start the starting week that
each volunteer has volunteered for.
Scince volunteers only choose a starting week and a courthouse with
several court rooms and not specific trials conflicts of interest
are avoided.
A jury made of volunteers will pay more attention to the trial
and be more likely to know what they are doing and will provide
a more accurate verdict than a drafted jury.
Frequently Asked questions about jury duty. Does the sixth ammendment require jurors to be drafted at random?? NO!! The sixth ammendment does not require jurors to be drafted. When volunteer jurors only choose a starting week and courthouse with several courtrooms jurors are still chosen randomly for individual trials and are impartial enough to meet the needs of the sixth ammendment. The sixth ammendment allows jurors from the same district that the alleged crime was committed in to serve on each jury so citizens who live near a courthouse may volunteer to serve on a jury there. Why not continue to draft jurors? Drafting jurors hurts education when teachers are drafted. Teachers have to arrange child care and prepare for jury duty instead of properly finishing semesters. Teachers who have to serve on juries right after the semester often miss textbook ordering week for next semester so next semesters textbooks are not ordered because the teacher was drafted into jury duty and unable to order textbooks. When skilled workers are drafted into jury duty companies often hire unqualified substitutes to fill in for them. Customers then suffer from poor quality products as a result. Drafted jurors who are taken away from work often worry about how they will pay their rent when they should be worried about the trial so defendents can be wrongfully convicted by drafted jurors who far too often vote at random. Trials need volunteer jurors who will pay attention to the facts of each case and vote for an accurate verdict.