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Two Out-of-State Billionaires Pump $4.68 Million into Ads in Oregon

Texas and New York Billionaires Double Down on Measure 90 (Top-Two Primary): Massive, Record-Setting Spending

Two Out-of-State Billionaires Pump $4.68 Million into Ads in Oregon
FOR RELEASE: 10/29/2014

Under "top two" primaries, voters lose the ability to vote for grassroots parties in fall elections, and most minor parties in Oregon would lose their legal status entirely.

The out-of-state billionaires continue their assault on Oregon voters. Today, the Yes on Measure 90 campaign was forced by law to reveal yet another $1 million contribution by former Enron energy trader John Arnold (Texas billionaire), bringing his total money to the campaign (so far) to $2.75 million.

Also revealed was another $280,000 contribution from corporate media mogul and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, bringing his total to $1.93 million.

Together, these two billionaires, who neither live nor work in Oregon, have put up $4.68 million in their attempt to control how Oregonians vote.

There may be more to come.

Each of them has gone 400% or more beyond the record for contributions by an individual in any Oregon political race ever.

"These billionaires think Oregon democracy is for sale. Let's show them it isn't by voting NO on Measure 90," said David Delk of the Oregon Progressive Party.

"Billionaires enriched by the deregulation of our financial system are trying to manipulate Oregon's government at its core by bankrolling Measure 90, a radical restriction of choice in our election processes that benefits their big money interests," added Seth Woolley of the Pacific Green Party.

For more information specifically on the money in the campaign, see Measure 90's Money.

For other information:  http://saveoregonsdemocracy.org/money.html



if you can be bought, then you deserve to be sold. 29.Oct.2014 19:01


Just vote for who you want and all the money in the world won't change the numbers.

If you can be bought by bloomberg and others, then you deserve what you get.