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Question For PDX IMC - RE: Published Newswire Content

Some articles and topics are being deleted (or otherwise blocked)

Other comments and articles are posting right up, immediately - straight away.

Unsure if this is PDX IMC staff doing this, or some ? external entity with access to the uploads (having ability to read + pre-screen the actual content itself, selectively delete-block it from appearing here).

My IP is obviously not being unilaterally blocked, as comments and articles (posted in between, before and after the vanished ones) clearly post up.

Either PDX IMC is playing a game with selected content, or _________ ?

never seen or had this happen before
ideas / response?


simple answer 28.Oct.2014 06:36


a decade ago the guardians of the indefensible bullshit were quite vigilant about protecting the wee brains here from discourse and free thought or anything that was not of the body. Times have changed. Facebook, Twitter are now the ways to communicate and the 1990s wants is webpage back. So not only has the audience grown bored with this site, so has the moderators. However the technology is still on autopilot and seems to upload the pages every 20 minutes or so.

duh 28.Oct.2014 16:19


IMC has not been "open" and "free" for a long time. The people with the keys always pick and choose, usually based on personal politics of the "leaders".

Things are always being posted and deleted. As will this thread too. So what?

Furthermore 28.Oct.2014 17:23


(clarifying ^ above comment)

The articles I've been attempting to publish here are part of several established topic categories on PDX IMC.

Nothing 'outside the bounds' of either content or current Newswire discussion.

Anyway if someone here at PDX IMC has had a snit-fit (?) of some sort during the past week or so, regarding articles of topic/content which have been posted so many times before on this site, please come clean.

(and as also requested above, if this is some ? problem external to the site please advise)

you mean the repeated posts? 28.Oct.2014 17:49

non stop

check the open compost folder


"which have been posted so many times"

What Compost? 28.Oct.2014 19:12


I assert (and others may have observed) that at times PIMC did not have an updated or highly available compost area. Prior to 2013 the compost was updated such that the previous month of compost was made available - during 2013 that was not the always the case.

If I was a worker bee (who disagreed with others) and wanted to loosely follow an "editorial policy" I would leverage the compost area as a way of masking those posts with which I disagree with. I would compost certain postings, transparent and compliant with editorial policy, but I would not update the compost bin (by possibly many months), preventing the public from seeing what has been "recently" composted. This brilliant tactic has been employed by governments/corporations in attempt to diminish opposing opinion - they can claim that grievances/complaints have been received and reviewed, but no one can actually see said grievances until much, much later when no one cares anymore.

Again - posted to Newswire 7:54 PM 28.Oct.2014 28.Oct.2014 19:48


No, there are other articles in the current 'compost bin' which post-date what I've attempted in the past week.

Anyway as clearly explained about this isn't about the 'compost bin' at all, because even when I attempt to post a URL for one of the articles in a mere user comment, the entire comment disappears.

i.e. it's not about Newswire-published articles, the 'disappearing' of these selected materials extends to posted user comments...

to explain _again_ for the nth time, my other user comments (and Newswire publications) which don't contain 'taboo' materials are going right up, immediately no problem.

Just, again posted one of the "offending" (?) articles on the Newswire as of about 7:54 PM

we'll see if it appears....

So come clean, please if a PDX IMC volunteer is responsible.

Try it now 28.Oct.2014 21:09


There were a few articles backlogged on the server in a folder that usually catches spam.
Those articles should appear on the newswire shortly.
9:20 PM

***_ / / / __THANK YOU__ \ \ \ _*** 28.Oct.2014 23:39

that seems to have fixed it

(also sorry, for the re-post of Peter Dale Scott's article - although the duplicate at top of newswire right now, did have a couple of small image files uploaded with it, which the one further down does not..... when attempting to post this item last week I'd intended to include the 2 image files. Thanks again)

pictures added 29.Oct.2014 09:53


The two pictures that were with your previous post have been added to the current article on the newswire.


Thanks again, bee 29.Oct.2014 17:42

thumbs up

you have restored my faith in this place