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One Form of Sexism

Discussing an article about one form of sexism
Dear fake anarchist community,

I found this great article on Jezebel about how women with high-pitched voices and/or women who talk in "up-speak" are discriminated against. The article is here:  http://jezebel.com/how-to-get-ahead-by-sounding-less-feminine-1646769934

I really think that the fake anarchist community in Portland and elsewhere would benefit from reading this article and educating their sexist brains on the subject. Back when I accidentally thought that Portland's fake anarchist community would be a welcoming place for me, I remember how male, female and genderqueer people rarely took me seriously because my voice is too feminine to their liking. I really love this article, because it talks about a subject that a lot of people with high-pitched voices struggle through in life. Hopefully Portland's fake anarchist community can grow from this, so that they can become less sexist than they are now, and their projects and endeavors won't fail so much from excluding people who they don't like for arbitrary reasons like the way someone talks.

ok 17.Oct.2014 08:28


How do you know that is the reason you were "discriminated" against?

check NPR 17.Oct.2014 21:26


they had a piece on this earlier in the week. annoying squeaking voices and how surgery might be your answer.




Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Basic Sexual ethics: 1. Between adult humans 2. mutual consensual and 3. in Private. 4. and
hopefully/preferably non-violent.

It is the intent of SpiralCosmosArt to ask that

extreme right wing bible thumping conservatives who hate non-
heterosexuals/homosexuals/transgenders/queers/lesbians/bisexuals etc.

extreme left wing liberals who want to militantly push the extreme opposite agenda and suffer
from heterophobia
to consider that sometimes non-heterosexuality (queering / homosexuality/ and transgenderism) is
coerced by "endocrine disruptors" that tweak and permanently warp the hormones of such people for
life, and a lot of other causal factors that are open to debate, often from cruel dirty tricks of
competition, abuse, and coercive population control agendas, being completely respectful of the fact
that there is good scientific reason that most people's sexual orientation really is a result of being"born
that way" and they really "don't have a choice", and cannot change and are human beings who deserve
human rights like anyone else, including whatever perceived blessings they expect to get out of a State
sanctioned "marriage", or even adoption rights of children if there is no monogamous heterosexual role
models or family life available worth a shit and 4 ethical principles of sex are never violated: 1.
Between adult humans 2. mutual consensual and 3. in Private. 4. preferably non-violen

Unless I am single and concerned about seeking out a monogamous heterosexual woman to seek to reciprocate my monogamous heterosexuality and have lots of good loving monogamous sex, which I often am, I usually don't really care what other people's sex life is like in their private life, Provided These 4 PRINCIPLES 1. between adult human beings, 2. mutual consensual and 3. private. 4. prefably non-violent I am a libertarian in that regard. I'm all in favor of legalizing state sanctioned marriage for gays, but find it kind of amusing how a gay man told me once "gay people should have the right to get screwd by the state like straight people." State approval for what adults sex life is designed to fuck over those who seek such approval and has nothing to do with whether or not they are gay or straight.

I stand by the notion heterosexual monogamy is optimum and ideal for human survival given all other things being equal. It is important that I stress "all other things being equal". I believe heterosexual monogamy is optimum and ideal, without going into the graphic details of anatomical reasons, for the most simple reason: because heterosexual monogamy involves only 2 party extreme love and pleasure energy transaction of co-creators for reproduction with energy and bodies that compliments each other to produce synergy, where as homosexuals don't reproduce on their own and need 3rd party sperm donation to reproduce, and often sex toys a lot like some people are born into this world needing prosthetic limbs. Promiscuous non-monogamy (whether gay or straight) seems to complicate the energy exchange dilluting the possiblities of optimum synergy and love with much risk of that love being dilluted, subverted and undermined through jealousy while trying to juggle multiple partners in vain.

For those who disagree with heterosexual monogamy being optimal and ideal. Perhaps your idea of evidence for failed heterosexual monogamous societies is pointing out all the legacies of failed societies rather than looking at the principles of failed gender balance? without taking into account and consideration that a lot of the failed heterosexual societies are really infested with a lot of pedophiles who are coercing children into homosexuality?

Think about how subversive and cruel pedophilia is.

Maybe you are not taking into account the brutal mating competition done by heterosexuals who are really closet pedophiles, pedophiles who could be into closet homosexual or heterosexual pedophile predation?

Do you consider the damage and confusion child victims of sex offender causes? Through somekind of brutal mating competition?

You want evidence? What kind of historical anecdote after anecdote of polyamorous/polygamous/ and/or homosexual societies where there is trouble do you need? For now to start: I can think of survivor's of fundemental Mormon polygamy cults, a lot of organized religions,and maybe some others anecdotes where especially the children from such promiscuous unions are in endless feuds with their siblings indoctrinated by their parents' jealousy issues. Personally, a lot of the aftermath generation X's of the free love generation of the babyboomers have had similar issues.

When put the question is homosexuality a sin? or Is homosexuality immoral? I have to be completely true to the reality that I do not know because I can never know what it is to be homosexual, but I do know how suggestible and vulnerable children can be, and I do know how innocent people are sometimes born into the world with some kind of disability or injury with no cure through no fault of their own sometimes. I do know something about heterophobia in the sense that there is always a fear of an unwanted or difficult pregnancy: so when people throw around the buzzword "homophobia" it kind of makes me wonder wtf? WTF makes you so free of heterophobia? as though any alleged homophobia from me is any worse than your own heterophobia?

Heterophobia is real, and everyone suffers from it from some degree or another to a certain degree. Who doesn't fear unwanted pregnancies? Who isn't afraid of certain people breeding unsustainably?

Pedophiles, those into bestiality, and a lot of other sex offenders deserve to be annihilated off the face of the earth because it is a completely depraved level of desensitivity that corrodes the world. Does that mean executions? I don't know. But definitely quarantining them and rehabilitating them some way if that is even remotely possible. Children's sexuality is underdeveloped, the child has no way of knowing what's going on. Same with animals. Child sex abuse is extremely cruel given how vulnerable and suggestible children are.

There is population control agendas with all sorts of contaminents in the environment which is part of Agenda 21. Some homosexuals have no problem with me believing this and completely agree because they are completely adult consenting beings in their sex life who know damn well they don't have a choice because their hormones are hardwired and tweaked that way from birth from endocrine disruptors and other contaminents in the environment. Such homosexuals are not likely to change. But then there are another category of people who insist "don't knock being gay until you try it". That attitude is prevalent and endemic. It's totally pushed in the propaganda. There is an element that insinuates by the very nature of peer pressure that those who've grown up with bad experiences with the opposite gender can rationalize coping out of ideals and principles of optimum sexuality remaining monogamous and heterosexual, and convince themselves homosexuality is right for them, when in reality they are confused souls. Those people are fucked in the head. So what if I believe that they're fucked in the head?

I consider homosexuality to more often than not, especially among those homosexuals who keep their sex life exclusively between adults and don't recruit, to be an untreatable injury or disability from a polluted world full of contaminants known as "endocrine disruptors" and sometimes horrible experiences with the opposite gender or unmet emotional affirmations from the same gender growing up as a child, but that by NO MEANS do I believe most homosexuals have choice to be gay. Again: I don't judge and blame them for being gay in this mixed up world provided the 4 mentioned principles I listed about. But it's stupid to say that homosexuality is never coerced. A lot of adult mutual consenting gay people who are born that way who don't recruit and who are totally against pedophiles are some of the most hospitable selfless people I've ever met because they have solidarity with the crippled and admit to themselves of their crippled less than optimal and ideal conditioned. If they could suddenly flawlessly grow the opposite sex organs for their lover they'd gladly do so and be heterosexual they would, but often there's no surgery that can ever do that without adverse complications and in such cases I applaud them for their open, out of the closet, claims of complete naturally born gay pride because they really don't have a choice.