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Stop TERF Comedy Festival

Another TERF event is being held in Portland, Oregon. Let's show them the door.
"Feminist" comedy festival, called "All Jane No Dick Comedy Festival," is another attempt by Trans* Excluding Radical Feminists (TERF) to mainstream their violent propaganda against Trans* and Gender Non-Conforming folks.

Particularly, the very name "All Jane No Dick" ( http://www.alljanenodick.com/) is cissexist and extremely offensive to Trans* women. Its premise upholds patriarchal gender binary and sex essentialism, as testified by reactionary notion of "Dick" (penis) being male.

The festival excludes Trans* women from performing.

"No Dick" is reminiscent of TERF spokesperson Cathy "Buck" Brennen's slogan, "Sorry for your dick."

Feminist hostilities towards male-bodied individuals, such as the existence of Cotton Ceiling, undermine the equality of all genders and the rights of Trans* women, feminine-of-center Genderqueer folks, as well as cis gay men, all of whom are equally victims to heterosexist patriarchal oppression and deserve solidarity, not hostile propaganda.

It is critically important that we the citizens of Portland, Oregon force the venue to cancel this abhorrent and hateful event. Body-shaming, including "Dick" shaming must not be tolerated. When 1 out of every 12 Trans* women is subjected to hate-motivated violence, including "trans* panic" and "gay panic" arising from their womanly penises, making a comedy out of "no dick" is unacceptable however the intention was.

Venues that host this transphobic "comedy" "festival":

1. Curious Comedy Theatre (this is a non-profit; report to IRS for hosting a hate rally, so its non-profit tax exemption will be revoked)
Phone: (503) 477-9477
2. Alberta Street Pub
Phone: (503) 284-7665
3. Helium Comedy Club
Phone: (888) 643-8669