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Derrick Jensen????

transphobia has no place in any liberation or sustainability movements
Boycott, demonstrate, agitate.


reveal yourself! 15.Oct.2014 19:19


Your post makes no sense.

transphobia? what does that have to do with the link you posted???

it's simple! 16.Oct.2014 08:27

and here's how!!

try clicking the link. oh heck, i can see you have limited time, so i'll do it for you!!!

jensen is speaking via video conference at the salstice. he is transphobic as fuck. also a piece of shit.

do a little research! find the time!!

here you go!!


Skip to the next page 16.Oct.2014 17:43

Lew Midarling

If he is (as you say) [-I have not clicked any links-] does that then mean we need to dismiss any good, insightful ideas and concepts he has put forth and shut him down? Not saying, I support transphobicism and I dont. Just wondering about all the good stuff he has done along the way. I do think boycott or protest is a good way to make a person wise up and wake up. But to what degree or level of intensity? And who says he is transphobic anyway?

huh? 17.Oct.2014 16:36


ok, so I clicked on both links you provided. Am I expected to wade through all this mindless blather to find one homophobic remark?

You make a statement then link to a war and peace size page of crapola and say LOOK, THIS GUY IS AFRAID OF THOSE WHO HAD SEX CHANGE OPERATIONS!

Your communication skills are for shit. learn how to make a point efficiently, and effectively. Otherwise nobody will pay attention. (like me).

91 17.Oct.2014 20:54

fuck you

Interesting how, while you are not paying attention, you post a comment. Leads one to believe that you are paying attention.

"Your communication skills are for shit. learn how to make a point efficiently, and effectively."


again. muddled message 17.Oct.2014 21:24


apart from the "fuck you", again your message is muddled. take a night course on communications or something if you insist on posting comments. I feel it will be a real time saver for yourself as well as those who don't speak your native language.

Question 24.Oct.2014 18:35


could you please cite the actual example of Derrick Jensen's transphobia, a specific lecture, or written work?

The link you supplied is simply an announcement to an event where Derrick is speaking with an anonymous comment about trying to shut it down.

I'm with everyone else 25.Nov.2014 19:25


Your post makes no sense. Your lack of communication skills is baffling.