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Wind power is cheaper than coal, 70pp

A leaked report shows wind is the cheapest energy source in Europe, beating the presumably dirt-cheap coal and gas by a mile. Conventional wisdom holds that clean energy is more expensive than its fossil-fueled counterparts. Yet cost comparisons show that renewable energy sources are often cheaper than their carbon-heavy competition.
Wind power is cheaper than coal

Subsidies and costs of EU energy


The report (PDF) demonstrates that if you were to take into account mining, pollution, and adverse health impacts of coal and gas, wind power would be the cheapest source of energy.

The way energy markets function and the effect of government interventions in the European Union
has been the subject of much debate in recent years. To date however, there has not been a complete dataset for the EU28 detailing the Government interventions in the energy market.

This report presents the results of a study commissioned by DG Energy to quantify the extent of public interventions in energy markets in all 28 Member States for all energy use excluding transport. One of the reasons Governments have to intervene in energy markets is that the market does not
adequately price external costs such as environmental damages...

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N.E.D 15.Oct.2014 18:29


Ned is Dead.

A modern wind turbine is a N.E.D. A Negative Energy Device. it takes more joules of energy to produce a Wind turbine than that wind turbine will produce in its lifetime. I learned this from the Ted Kennedy crowd trying to keep these things out of Hyannis port. You know the crowd that wants to do what they say but not what they do. I

If you measure all the energy it takes to mine the iron ore, copper ore, including all the energy of those workers driving to and from work to mine the ore, all the energy to smelt the ore into steel, transport the steel, copper, etc. create the turbine, transport it and set it up, it will never deliver / produce that amount of energy in its life time.

In other words you can not create wind turbines that will be able to produce wind turbines without a diminishing return. they are not sustainable.