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Solstice Permaculture Intensive and Music Gathering

Our farm is having a winter Solstice gathering this December 19th through the 22nd. Amazing musicians Jose Conde and Rob Wynia performing. Permaculture teachers from around the world will be speaking and leading permaculture panels and farm tours.
VerdEnergia is proud to announce "Salstice" - an intentional solstice gathering featuring music by local and international acts, permaculture workshops and sustainability panels. Renowned Latin musician Jose Conde and Rob Wynia of Floater will be joined by local favorites Caca de la Vaca and Targua to teach music workshops and provide the nightly entertainment. Stephen Brooks of Finca Punta Mona, Rob Wynia and Sara Czarniecki will be joining our team for the event to help lead us on thoughtful and eye-opening discussions about Permaculture and Sustainability.

Right now we are busy bees planning, planting and preparing for Salstice and all of the other fun events lined up for this dry season. Be sure to RSVP for Salstice as soon as possible (before early registration ends on November 15) because this one is sure to sell out!

Please forward our event notice to all of your friends. Help us have a full and fun event!!!!


homepage: homepage: http://www.verdenergia.org/announcing-salstice-2014/

derrick jensen 16.Oct.2014 08:28

will be speaking

at this event via video conference. would love to see it shut down.