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Able Bait

Friends don't let friends make ableist asses of themselves.
Radicals and anarchists: Have you noticed? Even as racism, sexism, and homophobia are condemned within our spaces, meetings, and personal interactions, rampant ableist hate speech remains.

Have you sat through a meeting with the black - clad and self righteous woman who condemns others as "crazy" and counsels against inclusion of a new member on the grounds that the potential new member is allegedly "mentally unsound"? I have.

Have you watched in horror as your Facebook friends rail against their enemies by calling them things like "nuts" and "off the rails"? I have.

Have you been quietly disgusted by "safer space" policies that purport to police all sorts of unacceptable language and behavior, but turn a blind eye to serially abusive ableist hate speech that demonizes people struggling with mental illness?

Again. I have. And it's *shameful*.

It's time to start calling out purveyors of stigma and scorn in our radical spaces. I, for one, am SICK of it.

RE: " purveyors of stigma and scorn in our radspaces " 12.Oct.2014 12:07


A primary

"purveyor of stigma and scorn" (??)

in "radical" spaces are so-called Anarchists / 'revolutionaries' / whatevers / black-hoodie-claddies

who adhere to the official U.S. government 'coincidence theory' story (19 "Arab hijackers" out-of-the-blue) about September 11, 2001..... and all of the 'Global War On Terror' / "stamp out radical Islam" false flag wars that have been launched in its wake.

not to mention the hoaxed (i.e. perpetrated from within U.S. government itself) Anthrax attacks of Fall 2001.

or USA Patriot Act, which was pre-drafted for full passage and implementation within a couple days after 11 September, with virtually zero Congressional oversight or review.

For the typical PDX Anarchist / 'revolutionary', all of the above was mere coincidence in the "Two Centuries of Imperio-Capitalista Oppression" (or whatever) which continues to assault Gaia, every class/gender etc....

and the "Two Centuries of Imperio-Capitalista Oppression" is all that needs to be addressed, __ever__ .

Not the fact that 9/11 was 100% perpetrated by the very Oppressors they purport to oppose.

Good idea; remember to be gentle about it 04.Nov.2014 18:49

a sometimes albeist comment maker :(

As somebody who is still working on cleansing my speech patterns of the remnants of hierarchy, I applaud your cause. I would remind everyone, however, to please be gentle with those of us who are still working on these things. We don't say that things are "lame" or "insane" out of hate or even conscious thought. If asked to watch our language by our peers in a respectful way, we will usually do so. If we are insulted and made to feel stupid, we have a good chance of resisting (people in our anarchist circles, especially, have a tendency to resist being told what to do. It's what makes us so kick-ass), or leaving the organization entirely.
So by all means, do NOT keep your mouth shut about speech that is hurtful or disrespectful. But remember to save the antagonizing language for your enemies, and the friendly reminders for your friends.