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Climate Change and the Great Inaction, 20pp

More information at www.climateandcapitalism.com, www.citizen.org, www.foe.org, www.commondreams.org, www.truth-out.org, www.therealnews.com and www.onthecommons.org
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New Trade Union Perspectives

This paper has been written for unions and
unionists who are perhaps in the early stages
of their engagement with climate change
and who feel they might benefit from knowing
"the story so far" in terms of trade union involvement.
But it is also being written with an
eye to the future, to generate discussion that
may help unions develop the kind of compelling
ideas and proposals that can lead to an
increase in membership engagement and climate
activism. A global movement demanding
immediate and effective action on climate
change is urgently needed, and unions can
play an important and potentially decisive role.
However, part of the process of building such
a movement will require taking stock, in broad
terms, of what has been learned with regard to
past efforts both practically and at the level of
ideas and core theoretical assumptions.

This paper focuses mainly on the UN level,
where the level of union activity has been very
significant and worthy of examination. It will be
clear from what follows that the climate politics
of the international trade union movement has
reached an impasse-the same is also true of
other movements who have fought for a global
climate agreement and have seen their hopes
shattered. But this is more than a problem of
barking up the wrong tree, or of the wrong
set of persons sitting in the seats of power at
the wrong time.

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Maybe, but perhaps not 09.Oct.2014 05:31

Mike Novack

"But this is more than a problem of barking up the wrong tree, or of the wrong set of persons sitting in the seats of power at the wrong time."

Instead it might be a symptom of a more general problem we humans tend to have when making decisions, short term vs long term.

When you say "wrong people in power" explain how the "right people" could be in power, how they could be chosen by "the people" to lead them when their message of what must be done would be a message of current sacrifices necessary for long term survival. Look, this is MUCH worse than a "five year plan". We are talking about changes needed over a 50 year or more time frame.

"People don't eat in the long run; they eat every day"

I'm sorry, but if you think the necessary changes are simple like "do away with capitalism and magically we will find ourselves in balance with the natural world" you are deluded by your ideological blonders.

The height of human arrogance. 10.Oct.2014 06:06

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

It is height of human arrogance to think we can undo our arrogance and stupidity in claiming dominion over the Earth, cutting down more than half the Earth's forest, burning the worst fuels coal, oil and uranium and then claiming we can prevent the worst affects and consequences. We are way above 400 ppm carbon in the atmosphere so we will not be stopping the climate crisis and the arrival of the next ice age which will arrive in our life times. The thing we can do is preserve our ecological learning curve and carry it through to the other side of the crisis. the biggest problem we have when the ice age comes is the active nuclear power plant that will melt down as a result of the climate crisis and the geological slap back that will continue to create Earth quakes as big a much larger as a result of rising oceans. These melt downs would render the Earth unlivable.