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The Science Of Spying (1965): CIA Documentary

(52 mins.)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi710fkvLwQ

Documentary on CIA covert activities during the 1950s and early 1960s. From CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia to interviews with CIA agents, Air America pilots, Director Allan Dulles and Deputy Director Richard Bissel the film examines CIA activities in countries like Iran, Laos, Vietnam, Cuba, Indonesia, Guatemala and the Congo. Narrated by John Chancellor.

Interviews of Allen Dulles, former CIA Director, and Richard Bissell, former CIA Director of Plans. Other CIA operatives contribute. Senator Eugene McCarthy responds.

Reviews CIA covert operations to overthrow Mossadeq in Iran and Arbenz in Guatemala as well as other offensives in Cuba, Indonesia, the Congo and Vietnam. U2 flights cited.

Dulles and Bissell demonstrate spycraft apologia for criminality, treachery, lying, bragging and ineptitude.
The Science of Spying 1965
The Science of Spying 1965
The Science of Spying. NBC show narrated by John Chancellor donated to the US government.

The Science of Spying (1965)

Director: Georges Klotz
Runtime: 54 min.

Also can be downloaded free:


Summary (from Paley Center for Media Museum)

homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi710fkvLwQ

Latin America & the CIA involvement 28.Sep.2014 17:46

joe anybody

good video

RE: Latin America 28.Sep.2014 18:07

hey joe

be sure to check out the other documentary up the newswire, 'On Company Business'

(made 15 years later than this one)

David Atlee Phillips, Philip Agee and many others are interviewed

five stars 30.Sep.2014 09:39


Mr. Warren Commission himself! ***** rating