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Federal Health Website possibly should not have been fixed

When a company fixed the federal healthcare.gov website it might have become
more difficult to repeal the unpopular healthcare law based on a broken website.
opofed.txt Argument against fixing healthcare.gov
Dear Voters: (Sep 27 2014)
Near the end of last year there was a news article that
Three Companies including a Linux distributor decided to help
fix the federal website healthcare.gov
This came at a very high price for Linux. New versions
of Linux especially those related to the Linux company that
helped fix healthcare.gov failed to be upgraded enough to be able to boot
from large terrible terabyte hard drives!! Those Linux developers who
should have been fixing Linux were instead wasting their valueble time
fixing the hard to fix healthcare.gov website.
Another reason that I am opposed to fixing the healthcare.gov website
is that that fixing Healthcare.gov might make it more difficult to
repeal the Unaffordable care act that has its unpopular individual
The individual mandate is the most expensive way to provide health
insurance. A much cheaper approach is a Federal gasoline tax that will
promote health by raising gas taxes so poor people will drive less and
cause fewer traffic accidents. Use just a gasoline tax instead of a
premium to pay for single payer healthcare. Driving is only a privilege
and not a right and the driving privilege can be taxed to the extent
needed to fund government including healthcare.
I will try to upload the other viewpoint if one exists and can be attached.
Eric Matteson  ericmatteson2001@yahoo.com