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What Is The Point Of 'Social Movements' ?

None of y'all seem to care whether :

1) the typical 'mainstream' American becomes part of the issues / movements you care about - i.e. you just go around posting on PDX IMC "look at our great new _____ / we just did ____ ", having local demos at which the same 14 people show up week-after-week, etc. (No, sorry - a mere "we're so kewl and locally self-sufficient / low footprint" ain't nearly gonna cut it)

2) The movements in which you do participate, do __not__ have ABSOLUTE VICTORY i.e. "overthrow of captialism", abolition of plutocracy, __________ (fill in the blank) as their final-end goal.
For example: Current state of y'all's "labor movement" is merely to make life tolerable for us working class folk; to take whatever we can obtain, however small/paltry, from the capitalist class as a "bone" they throw us -- while never acknowledging that the _actual_ platform should be complete worker autonomy and control of means of production (as wrested from the Corporatists/Crapitalists)

3) any real "revolution" (??) in the USA will only occur when a) Federal Reserve is abolished, and b) when 100% illegitimacy of present US Gov is demonstrated via the falsehood of 9/11 (i.e. your belief/going-with-the-flow that "Islamic fundamentalists" were solely responsible, ain't helping...)