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If You Have Become Invoved in America's Psych Warfare Program?

...and are a Targeted Individual.
Please Disconnect All of Your Hard Line Phones at the Street, as they are utilizing the Lines to Violate your Privacy and are Somehow using the Phone Jack Placement for Target Acquisition with Airborne U2 and or Predator UAV's


tracy, how goes the battle? 24.Sep.2014 10:53


You still sleeping in your red brick and aluminum foil lined sarcophagus to shield you from the rays/waves?

Do you notice any physiological changes when you emerge from your casing?

If you aren't typing this from the negative wave shell, how can you trust your own thoughts. Shouldn't you be typing this on a laptop inside the shell, and then upload it when you eject yourself from it? Its the only way...

u2? 24.Sep.2014 11:00


They still flying U2 spy planes? Really?

How do you combat those bi-planes or 3 masted schooners?

What about Calvary charges? Trebuchets can home in on your location too?

If anybody parks a large wooden horse outside your house on your birthday, its a trick!!! DONT WHEEL IT INSIDE! Its full of Trojans!

Good information. 24.Sep.2014 17:46

Converse Murdoch

If I ever build a secret underground bunker I won't call AT&T and have them install a phone line.

If you live above ground and are an Enemy of the State they already know who you are and where you live. There must be a hundred other ways to kill you short of a drone strike. I'd be more concerned about some Girl Scout trying to sell you cookies at an unusually low price. You know what these guys are like and what they're capable of. They are absolute masters of the sucker play.

Dear Less Than Educated - Thanks for Asking 28.Sep.2014 05:50

Tracy Mapes

0Being a Targeted Individual only comes when you tell the truth and refuse to stop doing so.

They are using the Phone Lines to Tap and use the Audio Sources as a Targeting Method. They are also
able to utilize they source for subliminal verbal harassment. Disconnecting the Landlines at the Utility
Box Eliminates about 75-80 percent of this type of harassment, so you may get some sleep.

It will not stop Dream/Inducement or All Subliminal Harassment which seems to be transmitted by and FM

The Aircraft Harassment is High Dollar, and Very Expensive. I Must have pissed somebody off.

They are Irradiating a Great Number of People inside the United States, for the Purposes to Kill, Disable, and Sterilize.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

P.S.- If you have any extra Nails? - Please start dumping them on the appropriate streets until it becomes so
expensive they refuse to continue. Thanks.