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forwarded email
911 Truth talk Wednesday September 24th by Christopher Bollyn at the Lucky Lab
Saturday, September 20, 2014 10:26 AM

"oregontt" < oregontt@aol.com>

Event: Christopher Bollyn, the author of the Solving 9-11 set of books, will be speaking about his 9-11 research in which he exposes the key players in the 9-11 deception that changed the world. Bollyn's work is different from other books about 9-11 in that he has primarily investigated the question of who is responsible for the false-flag terrorism of 9-11 and the criminal cover-up and destruction of evidence.

Location: Lucky Lab 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR
In the private party room

Date and Time: Wednesday September 24th at 7 PM

Cost: Donations will be welcomed

Christopher Bollyn's Web Site:  http://www.bollyn.com/home/

Contact: Tim Titrud 503-701-3481

more about bollyn

 link to www.adl.org

 link to blog.adl.org

readers will remember tim titrud giving portland notoriety by hosting david irving


titrud claimed to be a "legislative liaison" of believers against the war


a group associated with mary starrett and the constitution party. the constitution party became the political home of the infamous lon mabon of the oregon citizen's alliance, though they hope no one knows that when they recruit people. oops!

contact lucky lab:

Address: 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214
Phone:(503) 236-3555



So Bollyn Is Not Perfect? Well He's Not A Nazi 23.Sep.2014 09:30


Christopher Bollyn appears to believe that Jewish Zionists were responsible for the 9/11 disaster. I disagree. Anyway, presumably Chris and most everyone else understands that typical Jews obviously had nothing to do with it. And Chris has worked alongside some people who question the "six million" number of deaths in the German Nazi camps. Nobody knows exactly how many were killed. And 90% this entire controversy would not exist simply if "several million" deaths were claimed instead.

I'm pretty sure that the entire 9/11 psy-op was perpetrated by a globalist mafia cartel, some of whom happen to be globalist mafia fake Jews. It was probably done by a U.S. Government covert activities team. The abominable bosses at the top of which command an army of tested and proven sociopathic and murderous soldiers.

Bollyn sometimes fails to get to the very bottom of the Rabbit Hole, but he is a great investigative journalist. To label him as a Nazi is completely unwarranted.

lol@ bollyn is not a nazi 26.Sep.2014 16:05


bollyn is a holocaust denier.
he's friends with racists like david duke
and nazis like jamie kelso

he's promotes conspiracy theories that blame jews for everything
he's hosted by a group with a history of bringing holocaust deniers to portland
how is he NOT a nazi?
because he hasn't admited it?
you expect brownshirts to wait for your validation before they get their hate on?

this is how it works dumbass

they pretend to be reasonable
have idiots like you making excuses for them
while they work at getting their pasties elected
to offices

look at the fringe candidates
half of them are backed by closet racists

and don't even get me started on this alliance groups
connection to the constitution party


you know who thhe fuck they are, right?
no on 9?
no on 13?
or are you another carpetbagger troll who has no fucking clue what you're talking about?
bet the portland alliance truth peeps didn't tell people they recruit
they supporting anti gay politics.

videos up 26.Sep.2014 21:57


heh those emails ain't as secure as they think

part 1

part 2

OVER 2 FLIPPIN HOURS!!!!!????????

save peeps time


Actually Bollyn Exposes Globalist Mafia Fake Jews 27.Sep.2014 17:12


Israel is certainly not run by real Jewish people.

Nor is the U.S.

The U.S. is in fact run by a globalist mafia cartel, some of whom happen to be globalist mafia fake Jews.

Think they care about real Jewish people anywhere? Think again.

The globalist mafia cartel is motivated only by uncontrollable impulses. They intend to destroy everything, including Israel. The oligarchs care? Not!

Defend Israel. Pound sand.

Let's talk about the P911TA support of the Constitution Party and Mary Starrett 30.Sep.2014 08:55

Setting the Record Straight

P911TA butthurt over Laughing Horse Books(RIP) cancelling Starrett event:


Someome mentions Lon Mabon in comments. A search for Mary Starrett and Lon Mabon confirms this Constitution Party connection. [extract from RCA website: rosecityantifa.weebly.com/uploads/4/0/5/8/4058617/statement_on_mary_starrett.pdf ]

From an anti&#8208;fascist perspective, the following facts about Mary Starrett are significant to us:

Anti&#8208;Queer Hostility

The Constitution Party in Oregon has historically been linked to Lon Mabon, former head of the
Oregon Citizens' Alliance, whose campaigns such as for Ballot Measure 9 (1992, which
attempted to link homosexuality to pedophilia) led to significant increases in violence against
gays and lesbians in Oregon. Lon Mabon has worked in collaboration with Starrett before in
militant anti&#8208;choice campaigns. The anti&#8208;choice group Mabon is part of, Life Support, endorsed
Starrett's campaign for Governor in 2006, and also endorses Starrett's current campaign
according to the Mary Starrett for Commissioner page on Facebook.

The Million Dollar question is: when the P911TA invites/recruits people is it upfront with their support of Nazis and Anti gay activists? Or does it lie and gloss over these facts, leading people to join up and get involved without being able to make a fully informed choice?

Granted, at this stage of the game, they are out and proud supporters of Holocaust denial. But it wasn't always so:


""Nine-eleven truth is definitely an issue that makes strange, strange bedfellows," says one of those who attended Starrett's speech. "We're willing to reach out and make alliances with [Starrett], even though she's pretty far right and most of us are pretty far left."

I doubt anyone on the left, WHO WAS FULLY INFORMED ABOUT STARRETT's ASSOCIATION WITH LON MABON/OCA, would have been willing to "make alliances" with her. I also doubt, with the exception of a couple of duped persons, most of the P911TA was "pretty far left". This Bollyn event isn't so much a surprise as they're coming out of the Brownshirt closet at last.

OMG 30.Sep.2014 13:55


This "blues" character is beyond belief.

Now he is gonna decide who is a "typical Jew" and who is "a real Jew"?

The lunatics sure are in charge of the asylum. LMFAO

Never a truer statement 01.Oct.2014 09:19


"The lunatics sure are in charge of the asylum. LMFAO "

True. But remembers Blues owns an Indymedia domain so he's got his own personal madhouse somewhere even if he was kicked out of here, which is unlikely.

I wonder why that quote from willy week was edited. Should read:

"Nine-eleven truth is definitely an issue that makes strange, strange bedfellows," says one of those who attended Starrett's speech, Sara Lamadrid. "We're willing to reach out and make alliances with [Starrett], even though she's pretty far right and most of us are pretty far left."

Strange, strange bedfellows? Yeah, especially if they don't tell new people who those bedfellows are.

in year 2014, WITMFFBBQ is a " Nazi " 19.Oct.2014 05:49



(crickets ...)

and why crickets?

because the 'Nazi' accusation trope is :

1) Utterly 100% false and without base or factual support

2) Vainly attempting to somehow "discredit" its target, when in fact all it even does is clearly identify the craven, pathetic, unscrupulous motives and origin of the caster/accuser.

think about it.

What type of person would, in real life / 'seriousness' or with any attempt at credibility or veracity, actually use the word


to describe/ID another individual, on planet Earth, in 2014 ?

(yeah sure there are Nazi _sympathizers_ .... and neo-Nazis exist ..... but even if < _those_ accusations were cast towards an individual person they'd have to be factually supported and backed up with hard evidence. Actual _Nazis_ ? Long dead, for one. Why is this even a PDX IMC newswire item or topic of discussion ?? Should've been deleted outright.)

Welp, this is awkward 19.Jan.2015 19:26


So last fall a Jew blaming loon was invited to speak by the 911 conspiracy loons affiliated with the OCA(!), Blues out himself as an antisemite, and Nazi apologists leave comments 3 weeks later after no one is paying attention.

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