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The Gruesome Murder of James Chasse - 8 Yrs Ago

James P. Chasse Jr. was murdered by three bastard-ass cops on Sept. 17th 2006. Eight years later, the monsters responsible for Chasse's death have YET to have been indicted for murder. These criminals continue to walk the streets. They are as much a public threat as they ever were!
James P. Chasse Jr. was murdered by three bastard-ass cops on September 17th 2006. Chasse, whome had dealt with mental illness for most of his adult life, was chased after, ran down like a dog, beaten, kicked, bludgeoned, and stomped bloody until he stopped screaming and fell unconscious. He was denied medical care. He was cuffed and thrown in a cell. A jailhouse nurse claimed that Chasse was "fine", even though he had more than a dozen broken ribs and blood was pouring out of his face. He was later taken to the hospital, more than and hour later... except he never made it. He died from blood loss and severe internal injuries in the back of a Portland police patrol car. Chasse NEVER committed a crime.

The three monsters who murdered him are:

Officer Christopher Humphreys
Deputy Brett Burton
Sergeant Kyle Nice

Although they may have changed positions or counties since, all three of these pigs remains in law enforcement eight years later. None of them have ever faced criminal charges of felony aggravated murder. They've cost the city, Multnomah County, and tax-payers millions in civil suits, settlements, and court costs. If any "policy changes" regarding police training have been the only positive outcome, it sure as Hell doesn't show. The Portland Police are worse than ever!

homepage: homepage: http://targetingcops.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-gruesome-police-murder-of-james.html

I agree 17.Sep.2014 19:41


It's ok for other people to murder (cultural relativism?) but cops should be held to an entirely different standard. In many ways Jo Ann Hardesty is right, don't snitch and cops are taught to lie (PCW).