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PNW Social Forum

Pacific NW Social Forum (PNWSF) Agenda
September 26 through September 28, 2014
First Unitarian Church, Sanctuary
Childcare is now available at the Pacific NW Social Forum! Folks MUST sign up in advance so the amazing care folks are prepared. They can do so by emailing Lindsay Goes Behind from The MotherTree Pdx, who are leading our childcare support -  ahikta@gmail.com.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided on Saturday in Buchanan Hall (located at the Salmon and 13th corner of the building). Please do not bring food or drink into the Sanctuary where we are gathering Friday and the rest of Saturday.

Friday, September 26th

7:30 pm to 10:00 pm - Fundraiser Concert with Mic Crenshaw, Shamako Noble and friends.
Sliding scale fundraiser for the AYINET Computer Center in Burundi Africa supported by GlobalFam  http://www.globalfam.org/ayinet_burundi_center/

Saturday, September 27th

Facilitator: George Friday, U.S. Social Forum, Bill of Rights Defense Committee

8:30 Potluck breakfast in Buchanan Hall - corner of 13th and Salmon (Portlanders - please bring bagels, cream cheese, jam, bread, fruit, juice, coffee, tea, milk, cream, cereal, etc. to share if you can).

9:30 Cultural opening - welcome and review of agenda/day - in the Sanctuary (1211 SW Main St.)

10:00 Context for World Social Forum/US Social Forum/PNWSF, and regional People's Movement Assembly (PMA) report backs - Click here to read more about PMA's  http://www.ussocialforum.net/pma

10:30 Panel on PMA topics - Moderator, Monica Beemer, KBOO/WRAP
1)Indigenous Peoples/Treaty Rights (Alyssa Macy, International Indian Treaty Council)
2) Housing/Homelessness (Ibrahim Mubarak, Right 2 Survive)
3) Food Sovereignty (Tara Villalba, Community to Community)
4) Democracy/Constitution (Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Move to Amend)
5) Labor/Green Economy (Jamie Partridge, 15NowOregon)
6) Media (Jo Ann Hardesty, KBOO Community Radio)
7) Transit Justice (Vivian Satterfield, OPAL Environmental Justice)
8) Hip Hop (Mic Crenshaw, Global Fam)
9) Immigrant Rights/Gaza (TBA)

11:45 Lunch & relationship/solidarity building (Food Not Bombs)

12:00 Campaign sharing (locations TBA)

1:00 Introduction to People's Movement Assemblies (PMA's). What are they and how are we going to spend the next 3.5 hours?

1:30-5:00 Break into our People's Movement Assemblies (PMA's)

PMA topics and lead organizations
1) Treaty Rights (International Indian Treaty Council)
2) Housing Justice (Right 2 Dream Too & Western Regional Advocacy Project)
3) Food Sovereignty (Community to Community)
4) Democracy/Constitution (Move To Amend/Multi Media Center)
5) Labor/Green Economy (15NowOregon)
6) Media (Street Roots/KBOO)
7) Transit Justice (OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon/Groundwork Portland)
8) Hip Hop (Hip Hop Congress/Global Fam)
9) Immigrant Rights/Gaza (TBA)


Agenda for PMA portion (3.5 hours)

1) Introductions (15 minutes)

2) What is happening and why? (45 minutes)

a) Economic Crisis (late stage capitalism)
b) Political Crisis (emerging blatant fascism)
c) Ecological Crisis (Earth is being destroyed)
d) The Legal Crisis (Constitution as Supreme Law)

3) What is our vision for the world we want? (45 minutes)

4) What is our plan to get to that world? (45 minutes)

a) Note the need to imbed our demands in constitutionally recognized rights
b) Note the role the USSF III can play

5) Identify 3-5 short movement demands that we will ask the full plenary to accept (30 minutes)

6) Identify 3-5 "Action Opportunities" for folks to join (ie, marches, teach-ins, initiatives, direct actions, etc) (30 minutes)

5:00-6:15 Report out from our PMA's - read summary statements created in PMA's aloud to the full group (5 mins report out from each PMA)

6:15-7:30 Dinner Break & relationship/solidarity building-dinner provided by Food not Bombs

6:30-7:30 Campaign sharing on the side (more info on this soon!)

7:30 -9:00 Building our Pacific NW Peoples Plan for Social, Economic Justice and Environmental/Climate Justice - development of our goals based in all we have discussed and learned inthe day (and the PMA's leading up to the event). Next Steps!

9:00 Closing, culture, celebration!

Sunday, September 28th 12:00-2:00

Taking Direct Action Together for Social, Economic and Climate/Environmental Justice - location to be determined.