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Final schedule for the Cascade Media Convergence

Final schedule announced for the Cascade Media Convergence, a regional gathering of community based media organizations, journalists and artists taking place September 19th-21st at the University of Oregon, Turnbull Center in Portland, OR. The CMC will be a series of workshops, facilitated strategy sessions, and public events aimed at bringing together alternative and community media makers to network, share knowledge and skills, and discuss ways to continue collaboration and build toward a regional media coalition.
Full schedule details can be found by visiting  http://cascademedia.cc/wp/program/schedule/

Schedule Outline:

Friday September 19th, 6-9 PM
CMC Opening Dinner and Movie Night at Musicians Union Local 99, 325 NE 20th Ave.

Saturday September 20th
at University of Oregon Turnbull Center
10-11:30 1st workshop session
11:45-1:15 2nd workshop session
1:15-2 Lunch
2-3:30 3rd workshop session
3:45-6 Media-based Break out Session (video, radio, print, tech)
7-8:45 Screening of Authority and Expectations, hosted by Recruiter Watch, at the Lotus Seed, 6 NE Tillamook St.
9PM CMC Saturday Concert: Music is the Weapon at the Lotus Seed, 6 NE Tillamook St.

Sunday September 21st
at University of Oregon Turnbull Center
10-11:30 4th workshop session
11:45-1:15 5th workshop session
1:15-2 Lunch
2-4 Issue-based Strategy Session (Housing Justice, Regional Coalition, etc.)
4:15-7ish Closing Plenary Strategy Session, in which conference participants discuss how we can collaborate regionally going forward.

homepage: homepage: http://cascademedia.cc
phone: phone: 503.662.2185

Thank goodness you won't be @ the Climate March onSunday 19.Sep.2014 12:31


Your schedule neatly overlaps the time of the climate march { start time 3:00 pm }.Maybe this event is more important. The climate can wait.

To KXL 21.Sep.2014 07:06

Mother Earth

It will take more than a parade to turn around the climate crisis. Have fun, though.

Also a woman with six kids does not make an environmental shero just because she ferries them around in a Bokk bike everywhere..... So everyone needs to rethink their strategies. Limiting family size to one to two children would be a good start. Just because you can have children or just because you can afford to have children doesn't mean you should keep breeding.

Rather unfair, KXL 21.Sep.2014 09:06

Not a Cascade Media Convergenge Organizer

I was not one of the organizers for the Cascade Media Convergence.

Planning for the Cascade Media Convergence started as early as July.

The first time I heard about 350.org's "call to action" was probably in late August. Since then, the venue and time have changed two times. It started out meeting at Shemanski Park at 1:00 p.m. Then it changed to Waterfront Park at 3:00 p.m. and that change did not announced out till mid-September. I think the Climate March had to be moved and the time changed to accommodate today's Race for the Cure.

People do the best they can. I have a feeling that the Climate March might impact the number of Cascade Media Convergence people hanging around for the plenaries. That would be a shame, too, because a lot of hard work went into the Cascade Media Convergence. Marching around the Waterfront takes much less work and planning, other than getting a permit and asking organizations to do outreach about the event. I hope that the attendees at the feel-good Climate March will also ally themselves with the anti-coal organizations (such as Portland Rising Tide) and aren't thinking they did their duty by taking a stroll on a Sunday afternoon and then heading back to their homes in the SUV.

Comments gone? 30.Sep.2014 08:59


Two completely reasonable, non provocative comments have disappeared, focusing on the history of badly organized rallies.

Have fun with failing to learn from history and repeating it ad nausum.