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TTIP trade agreement allows multinational corporations to ignore state and local laws

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a treaty being negotiated in secret by the US and EU that will allow multinational corporations to sue national, state, and local governments for any legislation that hurts their profits.
Very quietly the EU and US Executive Branch under Obama have been working toward a trade agreement that will essentially supercede all sovereign laws and prevent state and local governments from passing new laws that are intended to safeguard the environment, promote consumer protections, ensure fair labor laws, protect small business, etc. If passed, TTIP will by far become the most monstrous and destructive of free trade agreements, both for the nations of the EU and for state and local governments in the U.S.

Never heard of the TTIP? That's because it's largely being negotiated in secret between lobbyists and their sycophants within the federal government. Like the the SPP, NAFTA, and other trade agreements used to override democratic process and representative government on the national and local levels, the TTIP is a huge giveaway to multinational corporations that do not want to be responsible to the people in the places where it does business.

What happens if TTIP is passed?

> European nations that require labeling of GMO products and protect farmers from being forced to use GMO seeds for crops, as they are in the U.S., will be forced to repeal those laws or face punitive fines from an international court.

> Disputes over the impact of agriculture, mining, power plants, port operations, etc, will be required to be heard in international courts and will be removed from national, state, and local jurisdictions.

> Cities like Portland that try to keep coal and oil exports out of their ports and sensitive ecosystems will be by-passed altogether and international corporations will be free to move whatever freight, no matter how dangerous, wherever they want.

> Corporations will be able to compel regional governments to let them consume as much local resources as possible for industrial purposes, regardless of the impact on people and the environment.

> States and local governments will have no power to stop, for example, the construction of a nuclear power plant, or even demand stricter safety precautions.

> The list goes on and nations like Australia and Canada which have already succumbed to similar trade agreements are already being sued by multinational corporations for their democratic efforts to protect their people and environment.


The Center for Food Safety has published an excellent paper on the dangers of the TTIP agreement:  http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/files/cfs_trade_matters_76070.pdf

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE educate yourself on the TTIP and take action now to demand that your congressman oppose this trade agreement. The Obama Administration is currently seeking permission to fast track the approval of TTIP, which will even further erode your ability to stop it.

More resources:

No Fracking Way:  http://corporateeurope.org/sites/default/files/attachments/no_fracking_way.pdf

Economic Benefits of TTIP "vastly overblown" according to Univ. of Manchester:  http://www.manchester.ac.uk/discover/news/article/?id=11096

The links 12.Sep.2014 23:16

are not

specifically too good.

"Bill" Maher — Just Another Nazi Dem 16.Sep.2014 00:05


Bill Maher, Worse than Glenn Beck — CounterPunch — June 21-23, 2013

For Maher, when a Republican commits an atrocity, you're (rightfully) obligated to call it out for the crime against humanity that it is. When a Democrat does it, on the other hand, he tells us, we should be a little more pragmatic, a little more realistic here. We're under attack. Civilization itself is under attack. Bush? His war was the corrupt, inchoate conquest, for political dominion and natural resources (which it was). Obama? His war is the moral defense of the "free" world, the stark reality that we, the "civilized," are fighting to protect our very existence. Anything is defensible when we are fighting such a war. Anything.

The blog Political Pwnage could have articulated it no more perfectly when it titled this segment "Bill Maher's Blind Eye to US Imperialism is Poked Out by Glenn Greenwald." Maher's blind eye, Maher's appalling ignorance of the history of Western imperialism in the Middle East, of propping up violent, draconian dictators for economic and political ends, of the indefensible, genocidal, war crimes and atrocities committed on innocent civilians; Maher's silence on his guests' jingoist, conceited white washing of the fundamentally conservative, anti-democratic American Revolution as history's "greatest" revolution, silence when his guest posits that mentioning this country's history having been founded upon slavery is a "cheap blow"; the fundamentally racist, imperialist PROPAGANDA in just this segment, yet alone the entire show; all of it is absolutely vomit-inducing.

"Foreign policy" (a euphemism for imperialism) is not the only issue Bill Maher doggedly defends, however. The pundit, with very few exceptions (his opposition to the "War on Drugs" perhaps being the only example), marches resolutely in step with whatever Obama and the Democrats are doing, whenever they are doing it. Even more recently, Maher, along with fellow diehard Democrat apologist guest Michael Moore, waxed poetic on "Obamacare," proclaiming, tears of love and admiration practically trailing down his cheeks, "This is the heart of Obama. This is the heart of capitalism. I'm wondering why the people who love the free market so much are not for this."

This isn't sarcasm. Maher is melodiously marveling at the boons of the Drone Despot. And, yes, he really did just say "the heart of capitalism" without any intended irony.

Oh, and check out:

"I check RealClearPolitics every day. It is the best collection of political commentary on the web." - Brit Hume, FOX News

"RealClearPolitics is just terrific. I spend as much time on RCP as I do with the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and the Financial Times combined." - Rich Karlgaard, Forbes

Oh, and here's the great video, which does not seem to work in the stupid Daily Kos post, for some reason:
 link to rightwing.schnizzle.biz

? 18.Sep.2014 13:51


You mean ignore them more?