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Drugs, Rape, Car Accidents, Safety No BIG DEAL for Officer Durbin!

Complaint against officer Durbin
I just left the gym on 223rd when I proceeded through the light, making a left turn onto Stark. As I looked through my rear view mirror I noticed I was being followed by a motor bike officer. He then proceeded to pull me over. He said my rear window tint was too dark. He used a tint device to check all of my windows. Officer Durbin said the following, "If you get this fixed right away I will dismiss the ticket". I paid $200 to have the tint removed and replaced, to be in compliance of Oregon state law, TWO DAYS after the ticket!

I hand delivered a letter of compliance from the window person to the court house assuming after Durbin was notified he would dismiss the ticket. I kept "MY END" of the bargain and anticipated Durbin would as well. Imagine my surprise when I received a notice from the court that I had a hearing for 10/3. Okay fine, so I make arrangements to miss work to attend this hearing. THEN, I receive another notice, for another court date for 11/14. Why was this rescheduled? To accommodate WHOM? I assure you I was not asked if either of these dates were convenient for ME!

Seriously! This is what the citizens of Gresham pay our police officers to do, go to court for window tint! I own my own home, I pay taxes, and I had no idea I was paying straight time, and perhaps on occasion overtime for something so frivolous!

After researching all of the citizen complaints against Officer Durbin, I find it incredulous that he EVER had any intention of dismissing this ticket! He is NOT an honest man and gives other government officials a bad name! He has a horrible reputation and I cannot believe he still has a badge!!

don't stop there 16.Sep.2014 14:32


press this with gresham city council. none of us should ever put up with this crap.