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from CLG. Sept 2014 The CIA brought top al-Qaeda suspects close "to the point of death"

The description of the torture meted out to at least two leading al-Qaeda suspects, including the alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, far exceeds the conventional understanding of waterboarding, or "simulated drowning" so far admitted by the CIA. "They weren't just pouring water over their heads or over a cloth," said the source who has first-hand knowledge of the period. "They were holding them under water until the point of death, with a doctor present to make sure they did not go too far. This was real torture."
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8 September 2014
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CIA torture of terror suspects 'far exceeds waterboarding,' brought prisoners close to point of death 7 Sept 2014 The CIA brought top al-Qaeda suspects close "to the point of death" by drowning them in water-filled baths during interrogation sessions in the years that followed the September 11 attacks, a security source has told The Telegraph. The description of the torture meted out to at least two leading al-Qaeda suspects, including the alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, far exceeds the conventional understanding of waterboarding, or "simulated drowning" so far admitted by the CIA. "They weren't just pouring water over their heads or over a cloth," said the source who has first-hand knowledge of the period. "They were holding them under water until the point of death, with a doctor present to make sure they did not go too far. This was real torture."

Ex-Tribune reporter said to have 'collaborative' relationship with CIA 4 Sept 2014 A website has published emails suggesting that a former Tribune Washington bureau national security reporter submitted some of his work to CIA officials prior to publication, a practice banned by many media outlets [Yeah, right!], including Tribune. Ken Dilanian, a former staff writer for the newspaper chain that includes the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, had a "closely collaborative relationship with the CIA," according to the article, published Thursday by the online news site the Intercept. In documents made public by the website, Dilanian appeared to promise positive news coverage and on occasion sent the CIA press office entire story drafts for review prior to publication. In at least one instance, the CIA's reaction appears to have led to significant changes in a story eventually published by Tribune newspapers, according to the emails.

Ever wonder why USociopaths invaded and occupied in Afghanistan - I mean, aside from protecting the CIA's opium routes? $1 Trillion Trove of Rare Minerals Revealed Under Afghanistan 5 Sep 2014 Despite being one of the poorest nations in the world, Afghanistan may be sitting on one of the richest troves of minerals in the world, valued at nearly 1 trillion, according to U.S. scientists. In 2006, U.S. researchers flew airborne missions to conduct magnetic, gravity and hyperspectral surveys over Afghanistan. The magnetic surveys probed for iron-bearing minerals up to 6 miles (10 kilometers) below the surface, while the gravity surveys tried to identify sediment-filled basins potentially rich in [wait for it...] oil and gas. In 2010, the USGS data attracted the attention of the U.S. Department of Defense's Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO), which is entrusted with rebuilding destroying Afghanistan.

82nd Airborne soldier killed in Afghanistan 5 Sept 2014 A paratrooper from the 82nd Airborne Division died Thursday in Ghazni, Afghanistan, the Defense Department has announced. Spc. Brian Arsenault, 28, of Northborough, Massachusetts, died from injuries sustained when his unit was engaged by enemy small-arms fire, according to information released Friday by DoD.

Destroying ISIS May Take Years, U.S. Officials Say 7 Sept 2014 The Obama administration is preparing to carry out a campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria that may take three years to complete, requiring a sustained effort that could last until after President Obama has left office, according to senior administration officials. The first phase, an air campaign with nearly 145 airstrikes in the past month, is already underway... The next phase, which would begin sometime after Iraq forms a more inclusive government, scheduled this week, is expected to involve an intensified effort to train, advise or equip the Iraqi military, Kurdish fighters and possibly members of Sunni tribes.

U.S. air strikes 'target insurgents' near Iraq's Haditha Dam 7 Sept 2014 U.S. warplanes carried out four strikes on Islamic State insurgents menacing Iraq's Haditha Dam on Sunday, witnesses and officials said, widening what President Barack Obama called a campaign to curb and ultimately defeat the jihadist movement. Obama has branded Islamic State an acute threat to the West as well as Middle East and said that key NATO allies stand ready to back Washington in action against the well-[US-]armed sectarian force, which has seized expanses of northern Iraq and eastern Syria and declared a border-blurring religious caliphate. The leader of a pro-Iraqi government paramilitary force in western Iraq said the air strikes wiped out an Islamic State patrol trying to attack the dam - Iraq's second biggest hydroelectric facility that also provides millions with water. [The US may destroy the dam and blame Islamic State.]

Canada to send military advisers to Iraq to 'help Iraqi troops' 6 Sep 2014 Canada says it plans to send dozens of military advisors to Iraq to 'help Iraqi troops' against the ISIL Takfiri terrorists. Speaking at the NATO summit in Wales, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday that the decision was made following a request from US President Barack Obama. He said a contingent of between 50 to 100 Canadian forces will work closely with US advisors in Iraq.

Former NSA Official: Edward Snowden Leak Has 'Clearly' Helped ISIL 5 Sept 2014 According to a former top NSA official, Islamic State fighters have managed to avoid detection by American intelligence apparatuses because of protocols released in the Edward Snowden leak. Chris Inglis, the former Deputy Director of the NSA, who retired earlier this year and has since taken up work with a K Street private equity firm, says that ISIL has managed to study up on American surveillance tactics and has evaded detection by the American intelligence community because of the disclosures infamously released by Edward Snowden.

ISIS atrocities and US imperialism 4 Sept 2014 The savage murder of US journalist Steven Sotloff has provoked justifiable anger and revulsion among millions of people around the world. It is necessary, however, not only to sympathize with Sotloff and his family, but to understand the deeper causes of this tragedy. The murder, following that of James Foley last month, is a further demonstration of both the reactionary character of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the terrible consequences of a half-century of intervention in the Middle East by US imperialism.

Ukraine, US to conduct joint military drills in Black Sea 7 Sept 2014 The Ukrainian and US navies will take part in a joint exercise called "Sea Breeze 2014" on September 8-10 in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, Ukraine's Ministry of Defense said. Around 280 US servicemen will participate in the drills, according to a statement by US European Command spokesman Navy Capt. Greg Hicks, director of Communication and Engagement. The exercises will include representatives from five countries - including Georgia, Romania and Turkey - as well as the Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO Task Unit 02 (including Canadian, Spanish, and Romanian ships).

Ceasefire: President Poroshenko trick to regroup troops - Spanish volunteer to RT 6 Sept 2014 Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has announced ceasefires before and was always the first to violate them, Spanish volunteer Ramiro Gomez, who fought in eastern Ukraine against the troops of the coup-imposed Kiev government, told RT. According to the European volunteer, this ceasefire is in effect a part of Poroshenko's strategy: "to reorganize the [Ukrainian] army which is already a large number, before a general counteroffensive by Lugansk and Donetsk [forces]," Ramiro Gomez told RT. "They [Ukrainian forces] look sort of kicked out to the sidelines of the game," he said, adding he personally has little expectations of a successful ceasefire.

Ebola in Senegal - Interesting Oil and Gas Map by Patricia Doyle, Ph.D. 30 Aug 2014 ...It does seen that there is an oil map for each country that has seen W African strain of Ebola break out...I do believe that the people who fish along the coast probably have been complaining to local government officials about the lack of fish. I am sure that this has gotten back to the oil companies in the region. Now there won't be complaints as there won't be many fishermen left either. These oil maps are kind of a coincidence no? They can almost be interchanged for Ebola outbreak maps.

Lockdown to Combat Ebola in Sierra Leone 6 Sept 2014 Sierra Leone will impose a four-day countrywide lockdown as part of efforts to halt the spread of the deadly ebola virus. Ben Kargbo, a presidential adviser on the country's ebola task force, said citizens will not be allowed to leave their homes between September 18 and 21. This will allow health workers to identify cases in the early stages of the illness which has killed more than 2,000 people since March.

CDC official: Virus hitting Midwest could be 'tip of iceberg' 7 Sept 2014 A respiratory virus is sending hundreds of children to hospitals in Missouri and possibly throughout the Midwest and beyond, officials say. The unusually high number of hospitalizations reported now could be" just the tip of the iceberg in terms of severe cases," said Mark Pallansch, a virologist and director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Division of Viral Diseases. Ten states have contacted the CDC for assistance in investigating clusters of enterovirus [EV-D68] -- Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky.

Unidentified Respiratory Virus Likely to Hit Kids Across Country 7 Sept 2014 A respiratory illness that has already sickened more than a thousand children in 10 states is likely to become a nationwide problem, doctors say. The disease hasn't been officially identified but officials suspect a rare respiratory virus called human enterovirus 68...According to Mark Pallansch, director of the Division of Viral Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control, similar cases to the ones in Colorado have been cropping up across the U.S. At least 10 states -- Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, Colorado, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Georgia -- have reported suspected outbreaks of human enterovirus 68 and requested CDC support.

Finding of 'Gross Negligence' by BP Should Provide States with More Funds for Recovery of Endangered Sea Turtle Populations 5 Sep 2014 U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier's ruled yesterday, that BP's "gross negligence" and reckless behavior caused the catastrophic oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Millions of dollars of BP money has already been sent to the five coastal states impacted (AL, FL, LA, MS, TX), but so far none of those funds have been allotted for endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtle recovery efforts.

President Obama to delay executive action on immigration until after the mid-term elections 6 Sept 2014 Abandoning his pledge to act by the end of summer, President Barack Obama has decided to delay any executive action on immigration until after the November congressional elections, White House officials said. Two White House officials said Obama concluded that circumventing Congress through executive actions on immigration during the campaign would politicize the issue and hurt future efforts to pass a broad overhaul. The officials said Obama had no specific timeline to act, but that he still would take his executive steps before the end of the year.

Say goodbye to Summer! Snow comes a month early with SEVEN states due to drop into freezing conditions over the next week thanks to another polar vortex 6 Sept 2014 Winter weather isn't waiting for the calendar to say when it's time to hit the northern U.S. this year, with snowfall predicted across as many as seven states by Tuesday. Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan should all see some snow in the coming week, if the new GFS model is correct, as expected temperatures dip into the 30s. For the [un]lucky in Wyoming, that snow will only fall on the mountains.

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google Lori Price Citizens for Legitimate Government 08.Sep.2014 09:41


she's a tinfoil loon who among other things pushes 911 "truth" and the idea that sandy hook shootings were a hoax. she's also been interviewed by supporters of white supremacist candidates. so yeah, typical fringe conspiracy nuttery. follow links at your own risk.

Nothing Wrong With Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG News)! 08.Sep.2014 11:43


They have a really great news service. They do take sides on issue, but only in comments set strictly aside from their many news reports, which are absolutely without bias. They are very equalitarian (some would use the term "progressive").

I used to live right next to the Sandy Hook Village in Connecticut, so I have kept up with the shooting story. None of the alleged victims were ever seen by anyone except a few state officials after the supposed event, not even by their parents. No one saw any shootings or even any blood. Not one single parent sued the school district, which is unheard of in such cases (and yes, they sure have a lot of lawyers in Conn.).

See also:

WTC 7 Now A Proven Case Of Controlled Demolition:

People still believe in the media gospel?

a long American tradition 08.Sep.2014 12:53


Native American Indians generally did far worse to their enemies than some sorority house prank like squirting water in someone's nose.

The Sioux would drive cactus thorns into their enemies genitals. Cut open their stomachs and tie their intestines to a tree so the victim could watch the coyotes come and eat their own guts before they died.

Some tribes would take out a victim and build a bon fire on their genitals and roast them slowly.

So we have established that squeamish western morals are selectively applied when we are talking about the CIA, but not when we are talking about Native Americans.

CLG NEWS Respectable And Comprehensive 11.Sep.2014 05:20


It's a respectable and comprehensive new service. Certainly not controlled by just one individual.

It has minor editorial comments that usually take the form of brackets at the end of stories.

It is very friendly to, and useful for progressives!

Those who falsely denigrate it are at least suspect.

lp 13.Sep.2014 19:55


take your racist bullshit somewhere else.

Most warfare in the new world was ritualized combat that rarely resulted in death. It is only after the coming of the "superior races" that brought torture and genocide that most new world cultures adopted such practices.