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Cop Watching and CHIERS Watching: South Park blocks 9.5.14 Portland Oregon

The police call for CHIERS Detox for a man in the south park blocks.
I stop to film the procedure that is unfolding in the park.
Five minutes into the film Officer Allen tells me the police are there to help.
I remind him of James Chasse, and our conversation ends.
I filmed the police in the park on a Friday evening in Portland Oregon.
At first I just stood off to the side and was "watching" for about 10 minutes.
Then I started filming.

This recent video from Shemanski Park is 18 minutes and is on YouTube:
"Cop Watching and CHIERS Watching: South Park blocks 9.5.14 Portland Oregon"

This happened in the South Park blocks, in downtown Portland, in Shemanski park around 6pm.

The same CHIERS unit employees who arrive in the white van,
were in my previous video I filmed in June 2014.
That previous video (6 min) is here:  http://youtu.be/pCJ9O9jcvus

I interact with the police in this new video (around 5:42 in the clip) (officer Allen)
My interaction was of "mere conversation" and was initiated by the police.
It is the second officer who arrives, who attempts to play down my interest in what is happening.

He concurs it must be a fascinating call, and that he is just, helping folks because that's what the police do.
I mention to him that doesn't always work out that way, but thanks anyway!
I then bring up James Chasse being killed unjustly as a fact. [and not just an opinion of mine on police helping folks]

We don't talk much after that.
CHIERS arrive in the video around ( 14:27 )
At the very end ( 18:15 ) of this video I thank him & CHIERS for handling the incident humanly.

In that previous 6.5.14 filming of
Portland Police, CHIERS and a person going to detox, I had recorded the CHIERS
employees using pain-holds on the person and the police
watching on with approved oversight. So its nice to say in this recent case
that I just filmed in the park ...."no pain holds were used".

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