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Cascade Media Convergence Preliminary Workshop Schedule

We have more to announce soon in terms of breakout sessions and evening events, but here is first version of the schedule. Expect a few minor changes between now and when it is finalized.
The Cascade Media Convergence is a regional media gathering taking place here in Portland September 19th-21st. We are proud to announce the preliminary schedule of workshops that will be held during the conference. There are still various ways for individuals and organizations to get involved, either by endorsing, tabling or attending.

Check out the growing list of organizations signing on by clicking  http://cascademedia.cc/wp/partners/
and consider endorsing yourself  http://cascademedia.cc/wp/get-involved/endorse/

We will have limited space for organizations to table during the conference, follow this link to reserve one.

Give us an idea of how many people will be attending, and consider supporting us financially if you are able to do so. Registration is by donation with no one turned away for lack of funds.

CMC Workshop Schedule:

All but the first workshop will be held at the University of Oregon Turnbull Center at 70 NW Couch St in Old Town.

Special pre-conference community workshop:

Multiplying the Voices and Images of People's Power
Katrina Kozarek- ANMCLA media network of Venezuela
An intensive 6 hour hands-on training geared toward grassroots and community organizers who have little or no previous video experience. We will learn the basic skills required to begin using video as a tool for recording histories, unifying struggles and catalyzing new forms of organization through the interchange of the Voices and Images of People's Power. Limit of 10 participants, exact time and location to be determined.

Email  info@cascademedia.cc to register

Ongoing Saturday and Sunday:

Open Newsroom Hackathon
Throughout Saturday and Sunday a room will be set aside as a hacker lounge hosted by the KBOO news team. The hacker lounge and associated hackathon will focus on the 'open newsroom' concept - specifically, working on a software platform whereby people in the community can submit newstips to the newsroom and they can be incorporated into our newscast each day, and posted online with a verification rating.

Saturday September 20th 2014


Radio Renaissance: Part 1
Jefferson Smith & Jenny Logan- XRAY FM
Paul Riismandel- Radio Survivor
The first section of this two part workshop will focus on building practical skills important for the day to day operations of a radio station, either low power stations just getting off the ground, or established stations needing advice on how to keep the lights on. Some of the topics covered will be fundraising, legal advice and how to build strong station culture.

MacLaren Community Voice- Youth Empowerment with Morpheus Youth Project
Carlos Chavez- Morpheus Youth Project
For three years Carlos Chavez has been working with youth incarcerated at MacLaren Youth Corrections teaching a class on radio journalism. Through this class he teaches skills in recording, editing and producing, while exposing youth to culture and a true sense of identity. For youth serving long sentences in Oregon's largest youth correctional facility, radio group provides a voice for those who might not have had one.

Media as History: A Tool for Movement Building
Claude Marks- Freedom Archives
The Freedom Archives will share our experiences as a small community-based media archive to discuss how we use historic media to promote community building and social change.

Desde Abajo: A Model for Building Grassroots Movements Through Media
Katrina Kozarek- ANMCLA media network of Venezuela
A discussion of ANMCLA, a community network of 300 independent media outlets in Venezuela, and their revolutionary model for organizing communities through media empowerment.

Story Building for Video Projects
Jeannie Fisher and Art Rios- The Empowered Voices Media Project
Members of EVMP will lead this hands on workshop covering the basic skills involved in story building in order to bring your short video idea to life.

Saturday 11:45-1:15

Radio Renaissance: Part II
The second half of the Radio Renaissance workshop will explore how we can better network what we are doing regionally and build interdependence between stations throughout the NW. This will be presented as a mediated discussion with a number of veteran radio organizers sharing their experiences in building various networks and coalitions.

Authority and Expectations
Presented by film director Ken Lori and Wray Harris
Screening of the film Authority and Expectations is an intimate portrait of 24 year old Iraq war veteran from Oregon, Wray Harris - Q & A to follow screening.

Black American Story Inventors: Inventors, Wanderers, Dabblers, and Tricksters
Intisar Abioto- The Black Portlanders Project
This workshop will track the traditional and continuing inventive aspects of Black American Story Traditions. If story is something that is carried in our bodies and seeks multiple ways and means of expression through, then the unique Black American experience has birthed multiple new story forms. We will look at and contrast great Black American Story-form inventors, dabblers, and tricksters... as source inspiration for developing our own personal storytelling means and modalities.

Print Media and the Pelican Bay Prisoner Uprising
Ed Mead- California Prison Focus, Prison Art, The Rock
Mark Cook- The Rock
We will talk about various art and media related projects that have been used as tools for organizing among the prison population, including how prison papers were instrumental in the the Pelican Bay prisoner uprising. Projects profiled will be the Rock (a newspaper written by and for prisoners), the Prison Focus newspaper, and Prison Art.

Stories as Dialogues: There's an App for That!
Laura Lo Forti and Andrew DeVigal- A Fourth Act
We'll explore how digital technology can empower individuals to share their perspectives and be active participants in collective action-oriented dialogue by capturing their emotional responses to stories. Participants are invited to use their mobile web application to express their insights as they watch a short documentary on domestic minor sex trafficking. We'll show how the resulting engagement data can deepen the impact of post-screening conversations.



Oral History for Movement Building
Sarah K. Loose- Groundswell
Laura Lo Forti- North Portland Multimedia Training Center
Milo Reed- Timbers Army History Committee
Renee Mitchell- artist and community activist
Our stories are our power! In this workshop, we will explore how the process & products of oral history can empower, mobilize, connect, educate, and inspire in our movements for justice. We will take a look at what it means to apply an anti-oppression framework to doing oral history (before, during and after an interview), and strategize in small group discussions around session participants' ethical, methodological, and practical questions and concerns.

Graffiti and Activism: Unmediated Access and Communication in Public Space
Portland Street Art Alliance, Endless Canvas and Graffiti Defense Coalition
An informal discussion on graffiti and street art as a form of activism, direct action, and an important tool for autonomous communication. This discussion is hosted by a variety of graffiti collectives based in the Pacific Northwest.

Collective Media Production: Fluid Roles, Skill-building and Radical Feminist Aesthetics
Jodi Darby, Julie Perini, and Erin Yanke- Arresting Power
The producers of the in-production documentary Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Portland Oregon (formerly known as Safe and Sound?) talk about sharing skills and creating media in non-traditional ways.

Walking the Talk: Workers and Media Justice
Kari Koch and Megan Hise- Rise Communications
Media-makers and media justice activists are workers, too.
In this workshop, we will discuss:
- organizing in your workplace
- the rise of precarious work
- bringing a class lens to our issues or coverage of the issues

Digital Security for Media Activists
Jake McGinty- Open Whisper Systems
Explore the labyrinth of how to fight digital surveillance, and the challenges of creating effective tools. We'll discuss what is being done to keep the internet and mobile communications free from de facto mass surveillance, as well as how best to avert the threats we face from the prying eye of governments, corporations and other adversaries.

Sunday, September 21st


Community Media's New Policy Agenda
Tracy Rosenberg- Media Alliance
What do independent and community media makers need from their government? What kinds of policies will protect us and enable our work to reach more people? In this interactive workshop, led by independent and community media leaders, we will brainstorm solutions and work collaboratively on shaping a shared policy agenda. How can media makers work to own our infrastructure? What approaching opportunities do we need to prepare for now? If you care about the future of community media, you need to be part of this discussion.

Film screening: Behind Being
Quincy Davis- Director
In 2012, Quincy journeyed to the islands of Bali and Java, Indonesia, where he found himself captivated by the mysterious beauty of the land, the people and connected way of life. From attending ceremonies, visiting shamans and observing deep-rooted tradition being passed-on through the generations, Quincy has created a 20-minute documentary to share his experience and explore the hidden power of art & culture, rooted in community. The screening followed by a presentation about cultural bridging, applying indigenous teachings and a Q&A.

The Promise and Pitfalls of Radical Print Media
Gregory Nipper- PM Press
Charles- Eberhardt Press
Lara Messersmith-Glavin- Institute for Anarchist Studies
This panel will provide an overview of different methods for organizing print shops, journals and independent publishers from radical, anti-authoritarian and anarchist political perspectives. Panelists will examine the advantages and disadvantages of each model and how they interact with movements for radical social change. Other connected issues such as outreach, funding, sustainability, and the reasons why some materials are more successful than others, will be addressed.

OCM Statewide Election Night Coverage 2014
Erin Yanke & Don Merrill- Oregon Community Media & KBOO radio
Oregon Community Media is planning statewide election night coverage for the radio stations in the organization. This is an initial meeting to begin the organizing and skill sharing to make this state wide broadcast happen.

Interviewing the Homeless
Ibrahim Mubarak and other members of Right 2 Survive Radio
This will be a workshop covering the basic skills of how to conduct a radio interview, using a recording device, interviewing techniques, but with a twist. Participants will conduct their interviews on the streets of Old Town with Portland's houseless population. Right 2 Survive members will demonstrate the particular challenges of gathering stories from the streets.

Sunday, 11:45-1:15

The Tower Of Babel: Intercultural movement building
Patrick McDade- People Places Things
This discussion session will be lightly facilitated, focusing on people's experiences working cross culturally, and how we can effectively move information across different language & cultural groups. We will explore common pitfalls of working cross culturally, including issues of privilege and power.

Perspectives and Questions on Global Hiphop and the Afrikan Hiphop Caravan
Mic Crenshaw- Global Fam & KBOO radio
Mic Crenshaw is a participant and the Lead U.S. Organizer of the Afrikan Hiphop Caravan. Come for the information stay for the discussion as Mic shares his experience and the vision of this ongoing project.

Proposal for Cascadia Media Network
Paul Roland- KBOO radio
Discuss the idea of a regional web/audio podcast network based (mostly) out of KBOO to gather and produce news stories, interviews, features, etc. and develop a pool of local correspondents and producers to regularly report on issues of concern and interest to their communities. A regular news podcast would be produced at KBOO, and a dedicated website would describe the Network and link to the podcast and other audio uploaded on KBOO's system.

Winning Campaigns with Creative Tactics and Story-Based Strategy
John Jay Bell and Jay Cookson- Smartmeme Studios
Backbone Campaign
The Backbone Campaign and Smartmeme Studios will share their experiences using a variety of media strategies that have resulted in successful campaigns, and how workshop participants can use them in their own organizing work. Smartmeme will discuss how a process called story-based strategy can help environmental and social justice movements tell their stories in order to intervene and change existing dominant narratives. Backbone will highlight best practices for designing actions and deploying creative tactics in order to earn sympathetic mainstream media coverage, inspire and mobilize people to action.

Sunday 11:45AM-2PM

Making Alien Boy & Fighting the Cops
Jason Renaud- Producer of Alien Boy
Discussion and demonstration of seven year project to help people with mental illness speak up and speak out. Media tools include nationally distributed documentary film, website archive with 4000+ documents, Twitter account with 20K followers, political and MSM integration. Workshop will include 30 minute presentation, followed by a screening of the film and short Q&A session. Participants should note that the presentation/screening will take up most of the lunch break as well, so plan accordingly.

homepage: homepage: http://cascademedia.cc

more on the 30.Aug.2014 23:08

CMC 2014

Hello CMC endorsers and organizers. Here's some ideas for the various ways you can help with outreach and getting turn out among your circles for the upcoming Cascade Media Convergence.

Video: Share the vid in emails, Facebook walls, etc.

Radio spot: If you work with a radio station consider running this spot on your station over the next 3 weeks to let media people in your community know the convergence is happening.

Web outreach:

Directly invite people or groups you think might be interested in attending, post it to mail listservs that you might be on. Here are some of the various things you can share with the people and groups that you know.

First priority would be to share the Schedule link  http://cascademedia.cc/wp/program/schedule/

other things they might care about:


Opportunities for organizations to table

List of endorsing organizations

eNewsletter blurb: If your group sends out a monthly email newsletter for September, please include that you will be participating in the conference, a little blurb about the session you will be participating in, and possibly including this general blurb about the conference itself.

Join (organization) September 21st as we present our workshop on __________ at the Cascade Media Convergence, a regional gathering of community based media organizations, journalists and artists taking place at the University of Oregon, Turnbull Center in Portland, OR. The CMC will be a series of workshops, facilitated strategy sessions, and public events aimed at bringing together alternative and community media makers to network, share knowledge and skills, and discuss ways to continue collaboration and build toward a regional media coalition.

More information on the convergence can be found at www.cascademedia.cc

Share the event  https://www.facebook.com/events/521466497971353/
Tell people to like the page  https://www.facebook.com/CascadeMediaConvergence

Make individual events for the workshops you will be holding and invite your friends or people and organizations you would want to come. An example of this would be the Saturday night concert we're having.

CMC handle is @CascadeMediaCon
Consider retweeting our posts
If you post something related to the conference or your workshop use the hashtags

#GrassrootsMedia #Cascade2014

You can share the schedule with people by using this bit.ly/CMCSchedule

likewise with registration bit.ly/Register4CMC

Sample tweet-
Come check out my awesome workshop about ___________ on September 20th @CascadeMediaCon

#GrassrootsMedia #Cascade2014

Old fashioned stuff:
Oh yeah, you can also talk to people or call and text them as well.