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Israel back into Gaza

Jim Crow is out of control
Jim Crow is out of control
Stabbing entry into Gaza with tanks....

Bummer more pointless death or a land and water grab for genocide.

I wonder what fraction of US taxation is invested in religion these days.

What percentage goes towards rockets? 24.Aug.2014 20:48


Given the pitiful efficacy of Israel-Bound rockets in to Gaza, one may wonder what percentage of the Gazan GDP the democratically elected Hamas government spends on offensive weapons and executions of their own people.

what? 25.Aug.2014 13:24

a man

***"Hamas government spends on offensive weapons and executions of their own people."

One may indeed wonder how a prison population, under many years of siege and assault, could summon the effort to resist these armed invasions of tanks, gunships and heavy weapons, with such ineffective weapons manufactured in basements.
As to the 'executions' of "their own people" it also seems the the Israeli state does a famous job of performing extra-judicial executions to the Palestinians.
uh, anon...
You do know that you don't make any sane sense, in the real world, don't you?

real world 25.Aug.2014 17:36


anon isn't talking about the real world, but the fantasy created to justify in discriminant killing.

We have met the enemy and it is U.S. 26.Aug.2014 13:49

Norman Finkelstein

"...Netanyahu, he basically operates under two constraints: the international constraint—namely, there are limits to the kinds of death and destruction he can inflict on Gaza—and then there's the domestic constraint, which is Israeli society doesn't tolerate a large number of combatant deaths.

He launched the ground invasion for reasons which—no point in going into now—and inflicted massive death and destruction on Gaza, where the main enabler was, of course, President Obama. Each day he came out, he or one of his spokespersons, and said, "Israel has the right to defend itself." Each time he said that, it was the green light to Israel that it can continue with its terror bombing of Gaza. That went on for day after day after day, schools, mosques, hospitals targeted. But then you reached a limit. The limit was when Israel started to target the U.N. shelters—targeted one shelter, there was outrage; targeted a second shelter, there was outrage. And now the pressure began to build up in the United Nations. This is a United Nations—these are U.N. shelters. And the pressure began to build up. It reached a boiling point with the third shelter. And then Ban Ki-moon, the comatose secretary-general of the United Nations and a U.S. puppet, even he was finally forced to say something, saying these are criminal acts. Obama was now cornered. He was looking ridiculous in the world. It was a scandal. Even the U.N. secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, was now calling it a criminal act. So finally Obama, the State Department said "unacceptable," "deplorable." And frankly, it's exactly what happened in 1999 in Timor: The limits had been reached, Clinton said to the Indonesian army, "Time to end the massacre." And exactly happened now: Obama signaled to Netanyahu the terror bombing has to stop. So, Obama—excuse me, Netanyahu had reached the limit of international tolerance, which basically means the United States."

from  http://www.democracynow.org/2014/8/5/ceasefire_after_gaza_assault_leaves_1800

good question 27.Aug.2014 13:09


the other anon had a good question. too bad it was ducked. two wrongs don't make a right. eventually the UN will catch on.

the 'other' anon? 28.Aug.2014 03:57

a man

What question was "ducked"?
The 'other' anon was babbling about some confused talking point when the criminal Israeli state is obfuscating shear murder and ethnic cleansing. Any 'ducks' around here are quacking wildly but not making sense...

anon 29.Aug.2014 21:09


I think anon was comparing the money Hamas was spending on protecting it's rocket factories and military heads putting them underground in tunnels with the money Israel was spending on building shelters for it's civilians.

At least that's how I read it. Perhaps anon will explain further.

rocket factories? 29.Aug.2014 22:28

a man

These flying pipe bombs are most likely being built in basements. Hell, I could build one without any 'factory'. That's like say, a Molotov cocktail factory. These are crude weapons of desperation from a ravaged society and I also doubt Hamas spends a major part of their resources on them either. The 'terror' tunnels are artifacts of desperation through the strangle hold of siege and assault.
There will never be peace unless there is justice. Or extinction.

pipe bombs? 30.Aug.2014 17:28


The new M-75 rocket is made in Gaza. It has a range of over 35 miles, and is almost eight inches in diameter. I can't find the weight of the explosive payload online, but previous versions made in Gaza had payloads of 20kg.

These are not pipe bombs (although pipe bombs also are deadly). These are not firecrackers. These are deadly munitions of war that are being produced locally (in workshops underground), and fired indiscriminately at civilian targets, in violation of international law.

. These are deadly munitions 30.Aug.2014 19:07

a man

"In theory, the M-75 could exist. Most locally made Hamas rockets (Kassams) are based on the older Russian B-12 rocket. This is a factory made, 107mm, 19 kg (42 pound), 860mm (33 inch) long Russian designed rocket that is very popular with terrorists. This rocket has a range of about six kilometers and 1.4 kg (three pounds) of explosives in its warhead."
"deadly munitions"
And this from a state that uses white phosphorus, nerve gas and tank rounds of fletchets on civilians...what crust.

@Zionist troll who waits all day on the internet to give his opinion 02.Sep.2014 10:31


Rocket factories? You mean some dudes basement? Get f#cking real. How many Israeli civilians died in the bombing? 3 (and a migrant worker who wasn't in one of Israels refugee camps) 3. 2 were Bedouin who of course didn't have proper facilities; because Israel's an apartheid state. Hamas doesn't build bomb shelters because, fucking duh, how on gods green earth are you going to build f#cking bomb shelters for 1.8 million people when you're living under illegal siege. They smuggle concrete through tunnels, tunnels that were closed last year when Sisi (now Israels new best bud) closed them off.

Israel bombed first. Israel lied about the deaths of three settlers to prompt an invasion of the West Bank, destroy the Unity government and start a war. Of course no Zionists care No Zionist has written an editorial "Prince Bibby the Sociopath We Demand a Clear Answer on the Who and Why the Settlers were Killed," the story has only changed three times now and now that Israel looks embarrassed, as always just wants to sweep it under the rug. It's crap. After the dead settler fiasco (#saveourboys my d#ck you didn't care it was just an excuse to hate the Palestinians)it became about rockets; because Hamas was fighting back and 'ze masta race' (I'm Jewish I can say that) can't stand it when they right back. Of course they stopped giving the 'rockets' line to the media when they closed down Ben Gurian and then in became about tunnels; tunnels so benign they'd known about them for years and never even tried to find them, or develop the technology to find them etc They pretty much sat on their a@@ over it. The whole thing was a sick farce meant to punish the people of Gaza because 9 years ago after being the most brutal point of occupation (cruel, evil word) Hamas chased the settlers out. The country is a f#ckign whack job. And its time has come. Not another nickle, not another dime for Prince Bat sh$t and Eretz Meshogots crimes.

generic squawling... 02.Sep.2014 11:30

a man

This 'nonya' is so precious....a scree that could be about anything; perhaps the carbuncle on its own ass. Check it out yourself, it's true.

I myself am so weary of spoiled, thin-skinned zionist wankers who seem to think the world owes them everything they want. While they accuse their enemies of the horrible, awful and cruel crimes they themselves commit in legion.
The kind of wastes of skin this world could do so well without, particularly the Jews of the world to whom they glue their fetid ideologies upon.
zionism is a disease.

Glad to see you exposed for who you are 04.Sep.2014 11:50


Vicious Anti Semites.

"Vicious Anti Semites" from an anti-Semite! 04.Sep.2014 12:37

a man

Well, I'll be damned. What incredible crust!
Palestinians are more semites than the horde of European colonial invaders that murdered their way into Palestine. In reality, the zionists are the true "Vicious Anti Semites" and the worst thing that ever happened to the real Jews of the world.
Your pathetic and psychotic ideology is sickening to any aware human.

If you had a moment of sanity, you would go away to some dark hole and kill yourself after begging to repent to God, and the rest of the human race, for the sick evil of your crimes.

Yikes! 13.Sep.2014 19:42


Stumbled on this website by accident. Are these hate filled people for real?