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Video: Portland Rally in Solidarity With the People of Ferguson-Full Rally

Portland rally in solidarity with the people of Furgeson-full rally. Video includes all speakers, a mix of NGO's, government officials, and activists.

Portland rally in solidarity with the people of Ferguson-full rally
Moderated by Kayse Jama- Executive Director of Center for Intercultural Organizing;
Rep. Lew Fredricks;
Kathleen Saadat;
Rev Leroy Hayes;
Michael Alexander, CEO, Urban League of Portland;
Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz;
Nico Quintana, Basic Rights Oregon;
Jo Ann Hardesty;

And finally, after the conclusion of the rally, a person speaking for a Palestinian Solidarity organization announced their vote of solidarity with the people of Ferguson.

Portland rally in solidarity with the people of Ferguson-full rally

Hedges 25.Aug.2014 20:56


There is a huge difference between Ferguson and Occupy. At least here in Portland, when Black Block tactics were used, they often ended up going against people we should have been allying with. On one march, kids claiming to be anarchists threw down a car tire rack at the Firestone on Burnside. That does not hurt Firestone, but it sure pissed off the workers at the shop. Breaking windows on cars does not help either. Additionally, in many cases this was a handful of people taking an action that was used to paint a whole rally. Whatever you may think of that tactic, just because it made you feel good does not make it a good move. It defined selfishness. As to Ferguson, the violence has resulted from all other tactics failing, something that could not apply to the majority of Occupy's participants.

Also, Hedges has written a bit about Ferguson.